10 Anime Characters Even Nicer Than Iruma Suzuki

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! may be an isekai anime series, but the protagonist, Iruma Suzuki, is no self-insert power trip. He is a kind, gentle boy who always puts the needs of others first, and that makes him far more likable for viewers and other characters alike. Iruma is a naturally helpful person, and he even risked his life to save his classmates from doom at Walter Park.

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Iruma’s good-natured ways helped him win over friends like Valac Clara, Asmodeus Alice, and Azazel Ameri, and he might make more friends in Season 3. That said, a handful of other anime characters are even kinder and more compassionate than he is, and many of them have done incredible things in the service of others.

10/10 Izuku Midoriya Has Saved Many Lives Without Hesitation

My Hero Academia

izuku midoriya my hero academia

In many ways, the green-haired Izuku Midoriya is Iruma Suzuki’s counterpart in My Hero Academia. They are both kind, helpful boys who attend a magical school as underdogs born without any gifts, and they have both saved lives in mortal combat as young heroes.

Izuku has gone to extraordinary lengths to express himself as a true hero and save the day as the next symbol of peace. Iruma has fought monsters before, but Izuku’s the one who faced the masked villain Overhaul to save Eri. Izuku is now like a doting foster brother to Eri. He also risked his life to save Kota from Muscular.

9/10 Orihime Inoue Heals Everyone, Even Her Enemies


A split image of Orihime Inoue In Bleach

Bleach‘s protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is a tough-talking tsundere punk, even if he does have a heart of gold and fights hard for his friends. By contrast, the sweet deredere Orihime Inoue wouldn’t harm a fly. She can get along with just about anyone with her natural charms.

Orihime is a naturally compassionate and nurturing person to the point her attack-oriented fairy, Tsubaki, is very weak. Orihime favors Shun Shun Rikka’s protective barriers and super-healing abilities to help people. She will even heal her enemies out of mercy, which actually terrified Loly Aivirrne.

8/10 Izumi Miyamura Is Much Nicer Than He Looks


Izumi Miyamura smiling.

Horimiya is a wholesome high school romance anime where each main character has a hidden side to them. The dandere Sakura keeps her one-sided crush concealed, while the popular Kyoko Hori is actually a humble, hard-working big sister at home who puts others first.

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The gloomy-looking Izumi Miyamura is Horimiya‘s kindest character, a gentle boy who likes baking cakes at his family’s bakery and sharing them with friends. He easily won the trust of Kyoko’s entire family, to the point that young Souta Hori sees him as a beloved big brother.

7/10 Narumi Momose Is Like Naoya’s Protective Big Sister


Narumi Momose happy

In Wotakoi, the energetic deredere Narumi Momose loves BL fiction, drawing her own manga, and most of all, helping people in need. Narumi is quick to smooth over any conflicts at the workplace and make sure everyone gets along. As a charming extrovert, she’s quite good at it.

Narumi also dotes on her kuudere boyfriend’s younger brother Naoya, a fellow social butterfly. Narumi is actually more protective of the innocent Naoya than Hirotaka is, to the point Narumi might actually shield Naoya from Hirotaka if Hirotaka is making snide comments about Naoya’s weak gaming skills.

6/10 Tanjiro Kamado Will Cry For His Enemies

Tanjiro looking at Wisteria in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba.

Demon Slayer‘s sword-slinging hero Tanjiro Kamado has incredible empathy and a strong sense of duty to others, far beyond what his job actually calls for. Tanjiro is the oldest of six children, meaning he’s used to looking after others and making sure they’re happy.

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Tanjiro won’t just slay demons to protect innocent humans. Tanjiro will also look into a fallen demon’s heart and cry for the innocent victim buried deep down. Excepting Muzan Kibutsuji himself, every demon was once an innocent human. They simply got warped and twisted with the curse of Muzan’s blood.

5/10 Yor Forger Is Excited To Be A Foster Mom

Spy X Family

Yor in Spy x Family.

Yor and Loid Forger both take their duty as foster parents seriously in Spy x Family, for which their foster daughter Anya is grateful. Deep down, the kuudere Loid Forger does care for his family, but he has to put Operation Strix first and can’t get too attached.

Yor, meanwhile, is openly fond of everyone around her as a loving deredere. Yor is bursting with love for her new foster daughter and protects Anya not for a mission, but out of serious motherly love. Loid is only slowly discovering his kind side; Yor has been showing hers since the start.

4/10 Megumi Tadokoro Is A Natural At Hospitality

Food Wars!

megumi tadakoro foodwars

Food Wars! protagonist Soma Yukihira the troublemaker cooks for love, and his dandere friend Megumi Tadokoro has a roughly similar culinary strategy. Megumi learned the ways of home-style cooking and hospitality from her mother, and it’s a natural fit for her kind personality.

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Megumi is a cheerful, empathetic, and nurturing Totsuki student who wants everyone to get along nicely and be happy together. She can tame any bully or troublemaker with her immensely comforting food, tailoring her dishes to any client’s personal interests or needs. An example was when she made gumbo for an American guest she didn’t even know.

3/10 Shoko Nishimiya Gave Her Bully Another Chance

A Silent Voice

shoko nishimiya a silent voice

The anime movie A Silent Voice is about two teens trying to communicate and understand one another while doubling as an anti-bullying story. The former bully Shoya Ishida sincerely regretted his actions in 6th grade, and he was friendless until he met his former victim Shoko Nishimiya years later.

To Shoya’s amazement, the gracious, kind Shoko had already forgiven him, and she never hated him in the first place. Shoko could never hate anyone, not even a bully, so she welcomed the redeemed Shoya back into her life with open arms.

2/10 Alphonse Elric Saves Cats & People Whenever He Can

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Alphonse Elric happy in his human form in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

The kind-hearted alchemist Alphonse Elric spent most of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in an empty, cold suit of armor, but he still has a warm human heart that makes him one of anime’s kindest characters of all. He can fight using alchemy and martial arts, but only to save lives and protect society.

Alphonse generously adopts stray cats and puts them into his metal body, much to Ed’s annoyance. Al is also quick to save people and chimeras, unable to bear the sight of anyone, friend or foe, getting hurt. He even tried protecting Greed’s snake-chimera ally Martel from Wrath.

1/10 Tohru Honda Is A Shojo Saint

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is happy in a room (Fruits Basket).

Fruits Basket‘s kind-hearted protagonist, Tohru Honda, is nice to a fault. She is a humble, selfless person who refuses to be a burden on anyone, not even her generous grandfather. Tohru insists on being self-sufficient while also taking care of everyone around her.

Tohru gives everyone a second chance and will never resent or dislike anyone, not even tough-talking delinquents or the antagonistic Akito Sohma. Tohru generously empathized with and helped all the needy Sohmas and also changed Arisa’s and Saki Hanajima’s lives for the better with her words alone.

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