9 Best Nintendo Switch MMOs You Can Play Today

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MMOs continue to rise up all over the place because people love to play video games with a lot of different people. Even the Nintendo Switch has them as you’re about to see.

#9 DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online has been around for many years now, which speaks to the greatness of this game as a whole. You’ll get to go into the DC Comics universe and create your own hero or villain character, then set out on a journey to do what you want!

You’ll be able to go to key places like Gotham City, Metropolis, Central City, Star City and beyond, as well as interact with a wide variety of hero and villain characters as you make your name for yourself.

The game is constantly growing and updating, and that means if you’re a new player you’re going to have a TON to do. So go get your hero, or villain, on!

#8 Elemental Knights R

Want a high-end fantasy adventure that will let you become just about anything you want? Then Elemental Knights R is for you. Because here, you’ll be able to deck out your main character in a variety of “cosplays” and thus become all manner of different kinds of characters.

You’ll start out with four base classes but it’s much deeper than that, especially as you play with other characters and unlock special abilities and talents by working together. Then, as you progress through the game you’ll get access to even more classes that’ll allow you to do even more. So jump in and see what you can be!

#7 Skyforge

If you want a free-to-play title that might give you a lot of content, then Skyforge is one for you. This is a free-to-play MMORPG that’ll have you becoming an immortal. One who has a goal of becoming a god, but that plan has a problem in the form of an alien invasion that is barreling down upon you.

Now, you must fight back against the invasion and save the planet in order to ensure your godhood! Skyforge brings for a “dynamic combat system” that’ll let you do brutal combos and then you can build yourself up even more by crafting your own weapons and armor.

Time to defend the planet you call home.

#6 Temtem

Behold! Pokemon-ripoff game. Yes, we’re only slightly joking there but Temtem really is one that plays heavy into what Pokemon is and does just enough to change things up to make it their own. For example, there are plenty of “creatures” for you to collect and battle, you’ll need to travel across a “region” to collect them all, and so on.

The different here being the MMO aspect. As you’ll get to see other players and their monsters walking around and doing their own thing while you do yours.

So play, catch, battle, and see all there is to see in this sky archipelago!

#5 Trove

Trove is an MMO that looks very much like Minecraft but plays in certain ways that makes it feel different. So you should be happy about that.

Mainly in that the game is primarily about you fighting off the forces of darkness. You’re going to go to various realms and seek out the monsters within them as you barrel through dungeon after dungeon. As you do, you’ll get items, or get to craft your own, all the while playing with other players to help save the day.

When you want to take a break, you can actually build up your own realm. So choose your class, and start off on your adventure!

#4 Dauntless

dauntless, e3 2017

In the world of Dauntless, there are many dangers that are all around you. Not the least of which is that there are monsters known as Behemoths that are literally devouring the land and as a Slayer, it’s your job to stop them.

Dauntless is an action-RPG title that you’ll get to play with others, and as a result, you can team up with others in order to take down these threats, as well as slowly expand yourself, your arsenal, and your abilities!

But don’t forget to look around at the world that is truly all around you, there are some cool sights, and that’s why you’ll want to preserve it!

#3 Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is a game that many have found great depth in despite its somewhat odd premise.

Because in it, you’ll be put naked on an island and forced to survive. Which at first doesn’t sound different from other survival games. However, the title will not only put you against the environment, but other players, and the various creatures that live on the island. Not the least of which are dinosaurs!

It’ll be up to you to slowly grow your skills and technology base, and then figure out how to get stronger and stronger, even taming the dinosaurs themselves to ride into battle!

As long as you survive, that’s what matters.

#2 Warframe

Now here is an MMO that is not only very big, but has been growing steadily for years now, and it’s free-to-play. That’s a win in all the ways that matter.

The game will let you choose a special exosuit known as a Warframe, and then sets you out on a mission to protect a galaxy in conflict at the behest of the figure known as Lotus. The fun part as many have found out is that there is a LOT of variety in these exosuits. Some are more blade focused like Excalibur, while others have more of a strength focus, or speed focus, and so on.

Add to that a set of 500+ weapons you could equip on your characters, and you’re going to have a lot of fun just trying to figure out your setup.

#1 Monster Hunter Rise

There were a few titles that we felt we could put here, but Monster Rise deserves the top spot because it’s a game that continues to grow and evolve and have a LOT of people playing it. Heck, just the Sunbreak expansion had millions buy it! So you know this game is doing something right.

The title itself plays much like you think it should, it takes you to a place that is being overrun by monsters, and it’s your job to take them all out! You can explore the vast world and work with other players in order to take them down.

Then take the materials you get and make special weapons and armor so you can get stronger! So have at it!

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