ArenaNet Slashes Guild Wars 2 And Expansion Prices And Adds More Bag Slots

ArenaNet is currently offering huge discounts to Guild Wars 2 and its expansions as part of Steam’s annual Autumn Sale which will be running until November 29th. The studio has also updated the popular fantasy MMORPG’s cash shop with new Imperial Wonders mount skins and a giant plushie cat chair that you can pull out in the field whenever you feel like taking a nap. The plushie will probably be more at home in actual player house but unfortunately, the studio has yet to add player housing into the game.

For those who have no particular use for an oversized cat chair, ArenaNet has given everyone something infinitely more useful: more bag slots. “We’ve increased the maximum number of bag slots you can have per character from ten to twelve!” the studio announced. “This brings the maximum possible inventory size for a single character to 384 slots. Make your dreams of identifying entire stacks of unidentified gear at once a reality.”

Players will also get to enjoy a 50% XP boost until November 29th as part of the game’s Black Friday Bonus Bash.

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