Man Utd flops arrive at training with crisis club in need of transfers and Cristiano Ronaldo to hold tell-all interview

ERIK TEN HAG arrived for Manchester United training behind the wheel of an Audi 4×4 as he bids to get his flops fighting fit. The Red Devils are reeling off the back of two consecutive defeats to start the season. 16 Erik ten Hag arriving for Manchester United training this morningCredit: Eamonn and James Clarke … Read more

After eight years, the space MMO where players create the ships launches next month

Developer Novaquark has announced that the ambitious, player-driven MMO Dual Universe will launch on PC September 27. The game’s been in development for eight years and the pitch is essentially a player-created EVE Online, with a flexible voxel-based crafting system that allows players to build more-or-less what they want. Dual Universe has been in beta … Read more

Cult of the Lamb Review (Switch eShop)

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Docked) Devolver Digital has always had an eye for some delightfully odd gaming experiences. Play as an ape escaping its captors while freeform jazz blasts in the background. Rob pretentious rich people as a con man in 18th century France. Eviscerate houses full of goons as a drug-addicted ninja with PTSD. … Read more

Luna Abyss Announced – IGN

Startup developer Bonsai Collective has announced Luna Abyss, a new story-driven bullet-hell FPS set in the depths of a mysterious planet. Bonsai promises “an arsenal of weapons and advanced mobility and traversal mechanics” for players. Luna Abyss is in development for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. Watch the announcement trailer above and check out the … Read more

Nintendo was working on platform-agnostic accessibility controller, Reggie Fils-Aimé says

Nintendo has used the Xbox adaptive controller as a starting point for its own accessibility controller. That’s according to ex-Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé, who hopes the company was still developing the platform-agnostic controller. Xbox’s controller was used “as a jumping-off point to create something that would be platform-agnostic and adaptable … Read more

Minister Rodriguez announces recipients under the fifth intake of the Creative Export Canada Program

Cultural organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick will receive a total of $11,242,000 in Creative Export Canada funding GATINEAU, QC, Aug. 17, 2022 /CNW/ – Canada’s cultural industries are some of the best in the world. The Government of Canada is committed to helping them continue to excel in global markets … Read more

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the Dust Wheeler

The Dust Wheeler is one of the most prestigious Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy, not only because of its stylish appearance but also due to its specific unlock conditions. This Vehicle is characterized by a single massive wheel that sits its pilot within the center, resembling General Grievous’ TSMEU-6 Wheel Bike in Star Wars: Revenge of the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 175 of the invasion | Ukraine

Russian military leaders are likely to be “increasingly concerned” about security in Crimea after reported explosions, a British intelligence update said. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said both Russian and Ukrainian authorities admitted that an ammunition dump exploded on Tuesday near Dzhankoi in the north of the region and that a nearby railway and sub-station … Read more

Labour £4.8m in deficit after redundancy payouts and membership losses | Labour

Labour lost more than 91,000 members last year and recorded a £4.8m deficit, caused by staff redundancies, a drop in membership subscriptions and ongoing legal battles with former staff members. But the party also raised significantly more than the Conservatives over the course of last year, bringing in more £45m compared with about £31m by … Read more