Can Helioptile Be Shiny In Pokémon GO: Crackling Voltage Event

Daniel Borjas

Published: Jan 24th, 2023, 17:10

Since Helioptile is one of the main featured Pokemon for the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO, does that mean it will be shiny?

Pokemon GO is all about the events because when a new event comes, that means there are new opportunities to catch shiny Pokemon. Every event in Pokemon GO has a main theme whether it is themed around a certain Pokemon type or a real event happening in the world, like the Lunar New Year.

The next event coming to Pokemon GO is the Crackling Voltage event and as you might have guessed, it is themed around Electric-type Pokemon. One of the key featured Pokemon for this event is Helioptile. So that leads us to the question: can Helioptile appear as a shiny Pokemon during the Crackling Voltage event?

Is It Possible To Catch Shiny Helioptile In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Shiny Helioptile
Helioptile is part of the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

During events organized by Niantic, there are several Pokemon that will appear more often in the wild, in raids, and research tasks. However, just because a Pokemon will appear more frequently, that does not mean that it will necessarily have the chance to be a shiny Pokemon. So what about Helioptile then?

The good news is that Helioptile can be shiny in Pokemon GO during the Crackling Voltage event. Not only that, Helioptile will appear as a shiny Pokemon for the very first time in Pokemon GO. So this is a rare opportunity to catch a shiny Pokemon that you have never caught before in the game.

How To Get Shiny Helioptile In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Shiny Helioptile
You can find shiny Helioptile in One-star raids during the Crackling Voltage event. (Picture: Niantic)

During the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO, there are a lot of ways to get yourself a shiny Helioptile. For example, you can simply encounter one in the wild as you walk around. But that has the lowest odds of finding a shiny Helioptile during the event.

The best way to find shiny Helioptile is through One-star raids. Helioptile is one of the Pokemon that can appear as a One-star raid during the Crackling Voltage event. If you beat a Heloptile during a One-star raid, you will have a higher chance of getting its shiny form than you would if you tried to find one in the wild.

On top of that, Helioptile can be found in 7 km Eggs as well. If your egg happens to be a Helioptile, it has a greater chance of being shiny as well. Helioptile can also be encountered once you complete a Field Research task, but it has normal odds of being a shiny Pokemon here.

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