Man, 21, has both legs amputated days before birthday due to sepsis after getting flu and pneumonia

A 20-year-old had to have both his legs amputated just two days before his 21st birthday after becoming so ill with flu symptoms he went into multiple organ failure and was the sickest person in the country. Levi Dewey, now 21, is recovering in hospital after the operation, having suffered from severe sepsis and multiple … Read more

Potential Hidden Cause of Dementia Detected by Cedars-Sinai Research – Can Be Cured!

A recent Cedars-Sinai study indicates that some patients diagnosed with behavioral-variant frontotemporal dementia, an incurable condition causing loss of behavior control and daily living abilities, may actually have a treatable cerebrospinal fluid leak instead. A Cedars-Sinai study suggests physicians treating dementia should look for cerebrospinal fluid leak—a treatable cause of an otherwise incurable condition. Wouter … Read more

Fatty liver disease symptoms include belly that appears ‘heavily pregnant’

Livers are a vital organ, performing more than 500 functions for the body. These include fighting infections and processing digested food. Any problems with the liver, therefore, can be dangerous. Also known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, fatty liver disease is the name for any condition of the liver not caused by alcohol. It is … Read more

Plant toxin hailed as ‘new weapon’ in antibiotic war against bacteria | Antibiotics

Scientists have discovered a plant toxin whose unique method of dispatching bacteria could be used to create a powerful new range of antibiotics. The prospect of developing new antibacterial drugs this way has been hailed by doctors, who have been warning for many years that the steady rise of multidrug-resistant pathogens such as E coli … Read more

Celebrations Can Benefit Your Health and Well-Being

Perceived social support is an important factor in maintaining good mental health and well-being. Studies have shown that individuals with high levels of perceived social support have better mental and physical health outcomes, and are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, and stress. New research has found that celebrations that highlight accomplishments can boost the … Read more