Nuclear fusion breakthrough as scientists crack vital code for ‘holy grail’ energy source | Science | News

Nuclear fusion is a process that occurs naturally in stars like the Sun, taking hydrogen nuclei and combining them to form helium — releasing colossal amounts of energy in the process. Dubbed the ‘holy grail’ energy source, fusion has the potential to generate more than four million times the amount of energy released by an … Read more

The Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer Is the Ultimate Watch for Space Nerds

With the likes of amazing pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope, private space exploration and NASA’s DART Mission just last night, space nerdery is going mainstream. And Omega is bringing you more cool science-non-fiction with a new watch that tracks time zones on Earth and on Mars. Long the official watchmaker of NASA, Omega … Read more

Asteroid that crashed into Earth 2 billion years ago was up to 15 miles wide

An asteroid that hit the Earth two billion years ago in what is now South Africa was even larger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, new research suggests. Previous studies estimated that the planet’s largest crater was formed by an object that was about 9.3 miles (15 km) wide and travelling as a … Read more

Nasa ‘should leave it to Elon Musk to launch rockets’ after Artemis fail which may stop future missions, expert explains

NASA has had to cancel its Artemis I Moon rocket mission for the third time and its billion-dollar rocket is now off the launchpad and back indoors. As the world watches the US space agency and the mission that’s supposed to take us back to the Moon, some experts are worried that Nasa is being … Read more

Superconductivity Model With 100,000 Equations Now Contains Just 4 Thanks to AI : ScienceAlert

Electrons whizzing through a grid-like lattice don’t behave at all like pretty silver spheres in a pinball machine. They blur and bend in collective dances, following whims of a wave-like reality that are hard enough to imagine, let alone compute. And yet scientists have succeeded in doing just that, capturing the motion of electrons moving … Read more

‘This one’s for the dinosaurs’: how the world reacted to Nasa’s asteroid smashing success | Space

The crashing of a spacecraft is, for once, a cause for celebration. The Dart (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission on Tuesday marked humanity’s first ever attempt at moving an asteroid in space. Scientists at Nasa and Johns Hopkins University applauded and hugged each other on Tuesday after Dart, the size of a vending machine, successfully … Read more

Nasa Dart mission: Spacecraft slams into asteroid in first-ever planetary defence effort

At 7.14pm EDT, Nasa made history by slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid, marking the first time life on Earth has altered the course of a heavenly body. Nasa’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft, or Dart, slammed into the asteroid Dimorphos at 14,400 miles per hour to test whether the impact can alter the asteroid’s … Read more

Mars may have experienced episodic FLOODING millions of years ago, radar image reveals

A new image of the surface of Mars has revealed the planet may have experienced episodic flooding millions of years ago. The Zhurong Mars rover has returned ground-penetrating radar data of the Utopia Planitia basin – an impact crater thought to have once hosted an ancient ocean. The image was constructed from the data by scientists from … Read more