The biggest games coming to PC in 2023

PC gamers had a strong run in 2022. From triple-A titles like Elden Ring to indie gems like Neon White, blockbuster studios and independent developers joined forces to deliver some all-time classics. Much to gamers’ disappointment, though, countless games were hampered as publishers and studios had to navigate precarious workplace situations, from lockdowns to remote … Read more

Pentiment Review – Knaves Out

Obsidian, since their acquisition by Microsoft, has impressed with their ability to diversify, scale up and down and, most importantly, produce a finished product. Just like their sandbox-survival riff on Honey, I Shrunk the Kids in Grounded, Pentiment has been lovingly cobbled together by the big hearts of a small team. It’s certainly not going … Read more

The Devil in Me leak reveals next Dark Pictures Anthology game to be a sci-fi horror

The Dark Pictures Anthology’s first season will conclude tomorrow with Supermassive Games’ The Devil in Me. As with previous entries in the series, the game concludes with a trailer for the series’ next title – which has already been posted online. However, unlike previous entries to the series, the upcoming game – … Read more