Elden Ring Now Lets You Know If You Have An Illegal Item

Cursed items already have a long and storied history in Elden Ring. Players have been soft-banned for collecting illicit panties hidden in the game files, for example. And some have tried to get others banned by forcing unauthorised items on one another. The whole thing has created a swirl of confusion around whether innocent players have gotten caught in the cross-fire, and FromSoftware is trying to fix that in its latest patch.

Buried near the end of update 1.06’s massive patch notes, the studio calls out a small but significant change to Elden Ring’s nomenclature. “Added the ‘ERROR’ text to unauthorised items,” it reads. “After the distribution of this update file, possession and usage of these unauthorised items will be subject to warning or penalty after a certain period of time.”

In other words: no more excuses, you’ve been warned.

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In the early days of Elden Ring, one notorious hacker claimed to be getting players soft-banned from the game by dumping hacked items into their inventory during online multiplayer sessions. Players later unearthed underwear for Fia that had been cut from the game and started passing it around via hacks themselves. Bans ensued for that as well.

FromSoft patched out the bug that let players trade hacked items in update 1.04, but that wasn’t the end of the story. Naturally, some players who said they never knowingly sought or traded hacked items claimed to have been caught up in the ban wave as well. Even now, some players worry when a stranger is being too generous. The latest update should put an end to some of those concerns and conspiracies.

Now, any illicit items should clearly be marked as such, and what’s more is it sounds like players will have some time to purge them from their inventory before there are any consequences. Of course, given FromSoft fans’ penchant for punishment, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone goes the opposite route and tries to start hoarding them. How many “ERROR” items can you collect before getting banned? The ultimate Elden Ring challenge.


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