February’s Xbox Games With Gold Have Been Revealed

Xbox has announced the Xbox Games With Gold line up for February 2023.

Things are still pretty quiet on the Games With Gold front, with the reduction to just two titles per month making the selection feel pretty thin. Last month we got Iris Fall and Autonauts, while in Feb we’ll have the following:

  • For the King: Available February 1 to 28
  • Guts N Goals: Available February 16 to March 15

For the King

The King has been murdered and the kingdom is in chaos. It’s up to you and your makeshift band to help save the land. Play single-player,  local, or online coop and choose to stick together or split your party to cover more ground. Battle in fast and brutal turn-based combat using your unique skills. Survive cunning enemies, hidden traps, and wicked weather as you fight and explore to solve the mystery of the king’s murder and restore order to the realm.

Guts N Goals

Play the world’s greatest game turned on its head and on a skating rink or the beach! Gut N Goals is an arcade-style soccer game where you get to beat up your friends as you try to score. Get your bat and get smack-tastic in multiple crazy stadiums each with their own unique mechanics. Try out lots of fun mini-games. Watch out for penalties…oh wait, there are no penalty cards! Go nuts! Choose from over 30 heroes with character skills and keep on your toes because random mutators can change the way you play at any time.

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