How to Pre-Load Hogwarts Legacy on All Platforms

The pre-load for Hogwarts Legacy is already live and players can download it from their respective stores on certain platforms right now.

This will allow Harry Potter fans to begin playing as soon as the title goes live on release day.

Pre-loading a game is getting more and more essential as file sizes continue to increase with new releases. And with Hogwarts Legacy clocking in at around 75-85 GB, it helps to get that download started as soon as possible.

But before you preload, make sure you know which edition of Hogwarts Legacy you need to buy:

How to Pre-Load Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Series X/S

To pre-load Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox, simply pre-order a digital edition of the game from the console’s online store.

After that, the Harry Potter title will be available to download already, ahead of its upcoming release date, allowing you to be fully prepared for release.

  • Boot up your Xbox Series X/S console.
  • Find the Xbox Store and open it.
  • Search for Hogwarts Legacy
  • Purchase the game as a pre-order – Remember that the Deluxe Edition gets you 3 days of early access, starting on February 7.
  • Once purchased, select download
pre-load hogwarts legacy xbox
Credit: PRWickedFan on Twitter

Is Hogwarts Legacy Available to Pre-Load on Xbox?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy’s Xbox pre-load is now live, taking up 76.67 GB of storage space on Series X/S.

Xbox One owners have some waiting to do, however, as Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed for last-gen consoles.

How to Pre-Load Hogwarts Legacy on PS5

Pre-loads are not currently available for Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation consoles.

However, purchasing a digital edition of the Harry Potter title will allow you to download it as soon as pre-loads go live on Sony’s console, which should be in early February.

We’ll update this article as soon as PlayStation pre-loads go live.

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Is Hogwarts Legacy Available to Pre-Load on PlayStation?

No, Hogwarts Legacy is not yet available to pre-load on PS5 or PS4 consoles. Currently, we expect the PS5 game’s pre-load to go live around January 5, two days before the early access release.

However, no official pre-load date has been set.

PS4 fans will have to wait considerably longer, seeing as Hogwarts Legacy will not be releasing on last-gen consoles until April.

Hogwarts Legacy Potions Class

Can You Pre-Load Hogwarts Legacy on PC?

Hogwarts Legacy will not be getting a pre-load on PC, neither on Steam nor Epic Games.

According to a Warner Bros. Support representative, PC players will not be receiving the chance to download the game ahead of release, despite console pre-loads already going live.

The exception to the rule is that Deluxe and Collector’s Edition owners will be able to download and play Hogwarts Legacy three days early, on February 7.

No Hogwarts Legacy preload on PC, Steam Epic Games

Check out the full Hogwarts Legacy PC specs here – it’s quite an intensive game so you may want to consider getting an upgrade!

How to Pre-Load Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch

No pre-load has been announced for Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch, and for good reason. In case you hadn’t already heard, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will now release on July 25, 2023 – months after the other console ports go live.

We imagine a pre-load will become available shortly before the game’s July 25 release date on the Nintendo Switch online store.

Before you dive in, remember that you can claim some free cosmetics in Hogwarts Legacy right now!

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