iPhone – grid.hack – a hacking MMO on Testflight (by Shaun Bevan) | TouchArcade

TestFlight Invite: https://testflight.apple.com/join/KNEZbadq

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/jTkPV2HTxq

grid.hack is an online multiplayer game where you will compete against other players to top leaderboards by hacking into their clients to steal their credits. Every player starts with a 32×32 grid to act as their client and can lay down tiles to create a complex maze of traps and puzzles to trick hackers into getting terminated.

The hacking interaction is done asynchronously so you never interact directly with the other players. So it’s important that you build a good defense before you go on a hacking spree so that you can protect your own credits.

Current Features

  • Use an ever-growing set of components to protect your client from hackers. Walls and doors will hinder a hacker’s vision as they navigate through your client searching for your vault. Use a number of traps and drones to force the hacker to terminate their connection.
  • Use powered components to create a maze of complex logic puzzles that only you know how to solve.
  • While you’re busy hacking, put your botnet to work. Purchase botnet clients that will mine credits for you every minute and provide your home client with a defense network that other hackers will have to penetrate first.
  • What’s a hacker without their programs? Complete jobs over time to collect enough bits to compile custom programs that you can bring into the hack to remove certain components.
  • Every client has a connection log that will keep a record of all incoming connections, including your own simulated IP Address. Be sure to find it on the grid and delete your entry or you may become the next victim of a hack.
  • Compete in credits and rep against other players on the leaderboards
  • Were you hacked? Watch a replay of the hack to identify your vulnerabilities.

This is the first open beta for this game and would love to hear any feedback that you might have!


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