Japanese maples: How often to water plant in the heat – avoid acer’s leaves turning brown’

Japanese maples are known for their stunning leaves and gorgeous autumn colours. They can turn various different colours before their leaves fall. With areas of the UK experiencing hot weather, how often to water plants in the garden can be hard.

Easy to grow in containers, maples are a firm favourite in many people’s gardens. 

They are small and slow growing, making them perfect for even the smallest of gardens. 

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), they should be watered once a day during hot weather.

The experts said: “Water regularly in dry spells during the first year to aid establishment, especially if planted in spring or later in the summer season. 

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According to the RHS, they require very little pruning other than removing any winter dieback at the end of shoots.

They are best pruned when fully dormant, usually from November to January.

The experts added: “Pruning is still best kept to a minimum as the most graceful shape comes from a tree that has been allowed to develop fairly naturally. 

“As a result, just remove badly-placed or crossing shoots to encourage a good framework of branches to grow.

“Where you do need to reduce height and width, follow long branches back to a side branch and prune it out at this point. 

“This is not necessary on prostrate-growing trees because they should be allowed to spread naturally to gain the best effect.”

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