Make My Day Anime Announces It Will Now Be A Series Instead Of Film

Operation Coldfoot begins on February 2.

In 2021, Netflix originally announced that the anime adaptation Make My Day would be released as a film. However, on Tuesday, Netflix released a brand new trailer and announced that the adaptation would air as a series instead of the originally announced format.

Along with the trailer release and updated series announcement, Netflix also revealed the anime’s February 2 release date, key visual, and a new cast member. Atsuko Tanaka will be joining the series’ cast as Cathy Besk. Previously announced cast members include Masaomi Yamahashi as Jin, Ayahi Takagaki as Marie, Kazuhiro Yamaji as Walter, and Akio Ohtsuka as Commander Bank.


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Makoto Honda is directing the series, and Taiwanese 3D CG studio 5 Inc. will be providing the character designs and animation. On top of the 3D CG studio, Makoto Honda will be lending a hand to bring the show to life, and mechanical designers Shoji Kawamori and Kiyotaka Oshiyama will be joining the staff. Shoji’s previous work includes the mechanics in Macross, and Kiyotaka’s previous designs include the demons in Devilman Crybaby. Also from the staff of Devilman Crybaby, Kensuke Ushio will be composing the music for this Netflix original anime.

The sci-fi anime Make My Day is an adaptation of an original story by popular sci-fi manga creator Yasuo Ohtagaki, who created Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt and Moonlight Mile. Netflix describes the anime as a “must-see sci-fi epic” and notes that the series brings together talent from Japan and abroad.

After watching the trailer, Netflix doesn’t seem too hyperbolic by calling this series a must-see. The full two minutes manages to be action-packed and somehow provide a good idea of the show’s plot at the same time. It depicts Jin and the other characters as they fight against monsters that could be straight out of an episode of Stranger Things.

The story takes place on a snowy, ice-covered planet known as Coldfoot, which is home to an energy-rich core called Sig. The official description from Netflix states that on the surface, the planet appears to be a crime-free utopia despite the trailer lacking to show any sort of idyllic planet. However, as the trailer shows, the planet is far from perfect.

Jin is one of the prisoners used in the back-breaking work of mining Sig, until one day when he rushes to the site of an accident. There he joins arms with the other characters to fight off mysterious creatures attacking humans in Operation Coldfoot. The series will stream exclusively on Netflix on February 2.

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