New Warzone Anime Bundle Is Being Called ‘Repulsive’

It’s a method that has had mixed results for Warzone in the past. Anime crossovers have been very hit or miss for the battle royale, and even when the popular bundles have been lapped up, a wealth of players quickly got fed up with their existence. This time around, it appears that Warzone’s attempts at an anime bundle have flopped, with it being branded as “repulsive”.

Activision’s fourth attempt at an anime crossover comes following a generic bundle (applauded), the first try at an Attack on Titan crossover (slammed for being bang average), and the second try for the same Netflix combo (originally adored and later hated because of its naked popularity).

Now, the developers have released another anime crossover with the Tracer Pack: Bitrate Banger bundle, and it’s not been well received at all.

Warzone Fans Hate ‘Repulsive’ High Bitrate Skin

Taking to social media forms such as Reddit, fans have been quick to criticise the High Bitrate skin which comes in the bundle. Despite its stark similarities to the Type Face skin that was loved, the High Bitrate design has been ripped to pieces.

“Repulsive”, “awful”, “terrible”, “trash”, “dumb as f**k”. That’s just a handful of insults slapped in the direction of the High Bitrate skin, with players now counting down the days until Warzone 2 comes and they can get rid of such “clown show” skins.

“Honestly? It’s terrible. It makes me physically cringe,” added another fan, although they quickly confessed that the old-school Call of Duty fan was no longer their target audience, rather Fortnite kids who like flashy lights.


Warzone’s Anime Bundle Ripped To Shreds 

It’s not just the skin that people hate, too. The Tracer Pack variant of the H4 Blixen features a bizarre animation that turns the weapon into a neon jukebox, which has once again confused fans at why on earth it’s being added to Vanguard’s 1945 setting and Warzone’s 1944 Caldera.

“Relive history” was Vanguard’s strapline before release, which has since been blown to smithereens by neon jumpsuits and electronic face masks chopping their way around the trenches of Numa Numa or jumping from Spitfires in Warzone.

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, Warzone only has a mere two months or so left of its lifeline, so you shouldn’t have long to put up with the crazy crossovers.

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