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Looking for a Pokemon Go Palkia Raid guide? Palkia has taken over from Dialga as the Tier 5 Raid Boss in Pokemon Go Raids from Jul 31, 2022 at 10am until August 10, 2022 at 10am.

Palkia will also be the featured Pokemon during the Legendary Raid Hour on Aug 3, 2022 from 6 to 7 pm Local Time. Here’s everything you need to know about Palkia Raids in Pokemon Go, including Palkia counters and weaknesses, as well as the best Palkia moveset.


Pokemon Go Raid Battles take place periodically at Gyms, and require a Raid Pass to access. During the battle, players cooperate in order to defeat the Raid Boss within 5 minutes. If successful, you’ll have the opportunity to catch the Pokemon you defeated, using Premier Balls obtained during the Raid.

Pokemon Go Palkia August 2022

Palkia Jul 31 – Aug 10, 2022
Attack: 280 CP: 2190-2280
Defense: 215 Boosted CP: 2737-2850 (Rain and Wind)
Stamina: 189 Raid Boss: 15,000 HP

Pokemon Go Shiny Palkia

Wondering if you can get a Shiny Palkia in Pokemon Go? Yes – there’s a chance you’ll encounter a Shiny Palkia during Pokemon Go Raid Battles.

Pokemon Go Palkia Counters

Palkia’s weaknesses are Dragon and Fairy. The best Palkia counters to prepare for your Raid Battle will most likely be Dragon type Pokemon with good attack and survivability:


  • Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Dragonite with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Salamence with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Dialga with Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor

Fairy Pokemon like Gardevoir or Togekiss with Dazzling Gleam are also valuable on your team.

Pokemon Go Best Palkia Moveset

As a Dragon/Water type, Palkia is best used with Dragon type moves as they’re often highly effective against difficult opponents (including other Dragon Pokemon). Using Dragon moves, Palkia can also make the most of the Same-Type Attack Bonus. Therefore, the best moveset for your Palkia is Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor.

Alternatively, depending on your opponent, Aqua Tail could be a good option for a lower energy cost Charge Move.

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