Pokemon Go Valentines Day event 2023: Mega Gardevoir, Luvdisc Limited Research day

Published: 2023-02-01T22:23:23

Updated: 2023-02-01T22:23:23

Pokemon Go has just revealed the Valentine’s Day event for 2023, and it’s bringing Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Frillish into the game for the first time.

It’s finally February, which means Pokemon Go is putting love in the air with their upcoming Valentine’s Day event for 2023.

Alongside the event, the game is also putting a focus on Luvdisc for its very own Limited Research event.

Here’s everything we know about the Valentine’s Day event 2023, including dates, times, and other cool things happening.

Pokemon Go Valentines Day event 2023 dates & times

In an official blog post, Niantic confirmed that the Pokemon Go Valentines Day event in 2023 will begin on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 10 am local time, and will end on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at 8 pm local time.

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Mega Gardevoir will debut in raids worldwide alongside featured attacks for both Gardevoir and Gallade.

When you evolve Kirlia into Gardevoir or Gallade during the event, it will know the Charged Attack: Synchronise.

Pokemon Go Valentines Day event 2023 bonuses

Players will also be awarded bonuses during the event:

  • 2x Stardust when opening gifts
  • Lure Modules will last two hours when activated
  • Timed Research to access shiny Frillish for the first time
  • Furfrou’s heart trim form will become available during the event
  • Special Frillish avatar top and glasses for your avatar

If trainers send 100,000,000 gifts worldwide, Niantic will add the following bonuses to the game:

  • 3x candy when transferring Pokemon
  • 2x Candy XL when transferring Pokemon for levels 31 and up

Pokemon Go Valentines Day event 2023 Wild Encounters

Here are the Pokemon that will spawn in the wild during the Valentine’s Day event:

Red Flower Flabebe will be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa while Blue Flower Flabebe will appear in the Asia-Pacific Region, and Yellow Flower Flabebe will appear in the Americas.

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  • Nidoran♀*
  • Nidoran♂*
  • Skitty*
  • Volbeat*
  • Illlumise*
  • Woobat*
  • Frillish*
  • Red Flower Flabebe
  • Blue Flower Flabebe
  • Yellow Flower Flabebe
  • Natural Form Furfrou*
  • Morelull
  • Chansey*
  • Audino*
  • Alomomola*
  • White Flower Flabebe
  • Orange Flower Flabebe

Pokemon marked with an * may appear as shiny

Poke Balls in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go Valentines Day event 2023 7km Egg encounters

Throughout the event, these are the Pokemon that may hatch from 7km eggs:

  • Lickitung*
  • Smoochum*
  • Happiny*
  • Frillish (female)*
  • Frillish (male)*
  • Alomomola*

Pokemon marked with an * may appear as shiny

Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event 2023 Raid Encounters

During the event, here are the Pokemon that trainers can encounter through gym raid battles.

One-Star Raids:

  • Chansey*
  • Shinx*
  • Natural Form Furfrou*
  • Espurr*

Three-Star Raids:

  • Nidoqueen
  • Nidoking
  • Lickitung*
  • Miltank*
  • Gallade

Five-Star Raids:

Mega Raids:

Pokemon marked with an * may appear as shiny

Pokemon Go Valentines Day Event 2023 Field Research encounters

After completing event-specific Field Research tasks, you may encounter one of the following Pokemon.

  • Pikachu*
  • Eevee*
  • Ralts*
  • Luvdisc*
  • Hippopotas*
  • Frillish (female)*
  • Frillish (male)*
  • Litleo*
  • Chansey*
  • Spinda with a heart pattern*
  • Combee*
  • Audino*
  • Alomomola*
  • Morelull

Luvdisc Limited Research Day dates & times

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, from 2 pm to 5 pm local time, Luvdisc focused Field Research tasks will be available from Pokestops.

The available wild encounters will change as well:

  • Slowpoke*
  • Lickitung*
  • Miltank*
  • Lileep*
  • Feebas*
  • Spritzee*
  • Fomantis
  • Alomomola*

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