Russian reservists suffer ‘heavy casualties’ digging trenches while under fire

James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, who arrived in Kyiv for an unannounced visit on Friday, said a promised air-defence package, which Britain valued at £50 million ($60 million), would help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s bombardments.

“Words are not enough. Words won’t keep the lights on this winter. Words won’t defend against Russian missiles,” Mr Cleverly said in a tweet about the military aid.

The package includes radar and other technology to counter the Iran-supplied exploding drones that Russia has used against Ukrainian targets, especially the power grid.

It comes on top of a delivery of more than 1,000 anti-air missiles that Britain announced earlier this month.

Catherine Colonna, the French foreign minister, said France is sending 100 high-powered generators to Ukraine. She said Russia is “weaponising” winter and plunging Ukraine’s civilian population into hardship.

The generators are intended to help keep essential Ukrainian facilities running, providing power to hospitals, schools and water pumping stations, among other infrastructure.

On Thursday, European governments launched a scheme called “Generators of Hope”, which calls on more than 200 cities across the continent to donate power generators and electricity transformers.

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