SNP refuse to remove transgender rapist from female prison

Some supporters of the legislation denounced the attempts as transphobic “dog whistles”.

However, Russell Findlay, the Tory MSP, said the Bryson case had highlighted “fundamental flaws” in the blocked legislation.

He added: “It’s entirely inappropriate, unacceptable and wrong for this vile rapist to be housed in a female prison, which is bound to contain women who have been victims of male violence, sexual violence and abuse.”

Mr Brown insisted that the legislation made no difference to the SPS policy for housing trans prisoners, which was “not dependent” on possession of a gender recognition certificate (GRC).

However, SPS bosses have previously said that possession of a GRC is a factor they take into account when deciding where to send prisoners. They have acknowledged they could be vulnerable to legal action should they refuse to house an inmate in line with their legal sex.

Bryson does not have a GRC but it would have been far easier to acquire one had the proposed SNP system been in force.

The author JK Rowling backed calls for Ms Sturgeon to personally be quizzed over the Bryson case and mocked the First Minister on social media.

Imagining a question Ms Sturgeon, in an image of her staring intently into a young child’s eyes, might have been asking, the Harry Potter author tweeted: 

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