Don’t blame dictionaries for redefining women

The latest edition of the Cambridge Dictionary expands its definition of “woman”, and people are angry. As well as “an adult female person”, it adds a second definition, “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth”. This, say the critics, is an … Read more

The Commonwealth is a legacy of Empire, but not as Netflix has portrayed it

Most of the Sussexes’ Netflix drama so far (this is only half-time) has been about themselves, their great love story, their hatred of publicity and their atrocious sufferings at the hands of a heartless and racist Royal family. Given their modes of thought, one can expect those themes to fill up 99 per cent of … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s only hope now is to terrify the West into negotiating away Ukraine’s victories

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is a domestic economic event. The audience understandably listens out for what will happen to our taxes, benefits and public services. It does not think much about the wider world. But this year, the statement had a strong global backdrop. Jeremy Hunt briefly explained. Inflation had begun largely as a response … Read more