You Can’t Play One Of The Best Dead Space Games In 2023

Dead Space mobile (2011) Screenshot: EA / Kotaku The recently released Dead Space remake is a triumph among video game remakes, many of which haven’t been very well received by fans over the last few years. And as a massive Dead Space fan, I’m so damn happy to see EA spending money on the franchise … Read more

How To Get More Out Of Your $200 PS5 DualSense Edge Controller

Image: Sony Perhaps you’ve already purchased Sony’s modular new DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5. If so, let me start off by saying “congratulations” on having $200 lying around to buy this damn expensive thing. But now that you’ve got this new controller with all its bells and whistles, you might be wondering how you … Read more

PS5 DualSense Modular Controller Review: Luxe Game Changer

Photo: Eric Schulkin I’ve spent about a dozen hours playing games with the new DualSense Edge. At first, all the modular PlayStation 5 controller’s new bells and whistles feel extremely superfluous to me. I‘ve been playing video games on standard controllers all my life without issue, and even the settings the controller has doesn’t feel … Read more

Microsoft Laying Off 10K People ‘Hurts’

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon (Getty Images) A few hours ago, Xbox CEO Phil Spencer sent out a company-wide email to all full-time employees under Microsoft’s gaming divisions. A copy of the email was shared with Kotaku by a current Xbox employee, we have confirmed its authenticity, and the full text has been transcribed below: This … Read more

Guilty Gear Xrd Gets Rollback Netcode 6 Years After Release

Image: Arc System Works Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Arc System Works’ 2017 entry in the long-running anime fighting game franchise, is will get an update on January 20. This isn’t just any old update, though, as it makes one crucial change that will benefit everyone who plays online. The game is finally receiving the … Read more

Final Google Stadia Game, Released Today, Is A Piece Of History

Image: Google If you haven’t heard, Google Stadia is shutting down and closing shop next week. But before the never-quite-successful game streaming service dies, it has provided one neat (and free) little gift you can only play for a few days before it all goes offline. Launched back in 2019, Google Stadia was a costly … Read more

The Dream Of DRM-Free Steam PC Games Is Fading Away

Photo: Casimiro PT (Shutterstock) Good Old Games, or GOG, the digital-rights-management-free PC gaming marketplace and platform from CD Projekt, has officially ended a service that already didn’t feel terribly long for this world. What once seemed like a promising way to slowly import portions of your Steam library to GOG, where they could exist in … Read more

PS Plus January Update Has Something For Everyone

Image: Deck Nine If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’re in for a pretty sweet time starting on January 17. And if you’re not, the first catalog update for 2023 is tough to say no to. The latest injection of games to Sony’s subscription service features some undead co-op slaying, Super Saiyan shenanigans, a couple … Read more

A Fatal Warzone 2 Glitch Is Making Helicopters Explode

Image: Raven Software Call of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale Warzone 2.0 has an airborne issue. According to one redditor’s January 4 post, a glitch is causing attack helicopters to explode suddenly, spelling instant death for the player. “Small dev team guys,” the post says sarcastically, referencing the 3,000 Activision employees reportedly working solely on Call … Read more

The Best Steam Winter 2022 PC Sale Deals

Image: CD Projekt Red / Valve / Kotaku It’s not truly the holidays until Gabe Newell flips the switch over at Valve HQ that activates the digital storefront’s annual winter sale. This year the sale runs from today until January 5. To help you get to take advantage of this massive sale, I’ve dug through … Read more