Nato’s support for Kyiv is shakier than it seems

To judge by Moscow’s hysterical reaction to the West’s decision to supply Ukraine with battle tanks, the move could ultimately prove to be a game changer for the eventual outcome of the conflict. One of the less convincing aspects of Russia’s campaign has been the constant stream of threats emanating from the Kremlin, whether it … Read more

Vladimir Putin still has one last chance to triumph

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the primary motivation for his surprise visit to Washington was to acquire “weapons, weapons and more weapons” to sustain his country’s heroic defence against Russian aggression. Yet, while Washington’s political elite rolled out the red carpet to honour the Ukrainian leader in his first overseas trip since hostilities commenced 10 … Read more

Putin’s sudden capitulation is a real prospect

It is a sure sign that all is not well at the court of King Vlad when the Russian despot has to cancel his annual press conference, which he has long regarded as one of the highlights of the Kremlin’s calendar. Usually, Vladimir Putin’s festive get-together with the world’s media provides him with the perfect … Read more

The West’s opportunity to weaken Xi Jinping

The easing of China’s draconian zero-Covid policy might bring some welcome relief to the country’s much-oppressed citizens, but it has also dealt a considerable blow to President Xi Jinping’s image as their omnipotent ruler. He has, for the past three years, sought to portray Beijing’s uncompromising response to the Covid pandemic as one of his … Read more

This is how Vladimir Putin’s dismal rule ends

With every inch of Ukrainian soil that is reclaimed from Russian occupation, fresh evidence emerges of the appalling war crimes the Russians have inflicted on Ukraine’s civilian population. In the earliest days of the conflict back in March, when Russian troops were forced into a humiliating retreat from their attempts to capture Kyiv, grim details … Read more