Tories relaunch 90s Eurosceptic group to hold Rishi Sunak to account on Brexit

Senior Tories vowed to hold Rishi Sunak’s feet to the fire over Brexit at the relaunch of a Eurosceptic campaign group on Tuesday night. Sir Bill Cash, a veteran backbencher, has revived the European Foundation, which was originally set up to support the Maastricht rebellion. He said it would focus on “protecting our sovereignty” while … Read more

Stop migrant boats or face defeat, Suella Braverman tells Tories

Asked about the consequences if the Government failed to stop the boats, Mrs Braverman said: “I just don’t think we’ll be forgiven. We need to earn the trust of the British people on all issues and every single day we’re in government. This issue is of huge frustration to many, many people that I meet … Read more

Nadhim Zahawi sacked by Rishi Sunak without a fair hearing, say allies

Mr Zahawi, who was appointed as party chairman in October, had been facing damaging reports that he had settled an estimated £4.8 million bill with HM Revenue & Customs while he was chancellor, including paying a penalty. Mr Sunak initially resisted calls to sack his party colleague immediately and instead stressed the need for “due … Read more

Boris Johnson tipped to become Conservative Party chairman by Jacob Rees-Mogg

Boris Johnson has been touted as the next Conservative chairman by Jacob Rees-Mogg after Nadhim Zahawi was sacked from the post on Sunday. The former business secretary argued that Mr Johnson had “all the qualities” to take on the role in a move that would involve a return to the Tory frontbench after just four … Read more

Nadhim Zahawi to stay on as an MP and attacks press after sacking by Rishi Sunak

Nadhim Zahawi will stay on as an MP after his sacking by Rishi Sunak, The Telegraph has learned. The Prime Minister dismissed Mr Zahawi from his role as Conservative Party chairman after Sir Laurie Magnus, his ethics adviser, found he committed a “serious breach of the Ministerial Code” over his taxes. Mr Zahawi came under … Read more

The evidence is undeniable. There really is a Remainer plan to rejoin the EU by stealth

For six years, I dismissed it as a conspiracy theory, an example of my fellow Brexiteers being unable to take yes for an answer. But the evidence kept piling up until I had to admit that they were on to something. There really does seem to be a plot to overturn Brexit. I don’t mean that Keir Starmer … Read more

Nadhim Zahawi must resign now, insists Cabinet colleague

Nadhim Zahawi should resign over his handling of his tax affairs, one of his Cabinet colleagues has told The Telegraph. In a sign that support for the beleaguered Conservative Party chairman is rapidly draining away, a Cabinet minister told The Telegraph on Saturday night: “I think he’s got to go.” However, the minister said that … Read more

Rishi Sunak stands by Nadhim Zahawi amid tax row

Oliver Dowden, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, is giving evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee this morning, specifically on the work of the Cabinet Office.  He was repeatedly asked by William Wragg, the Tory chairman of the committee, about the process by which ministers are vetted before they are appointed … Read more

Labour ‘will fix the Tories’ bad Brexit deal’, says David Lammy

A Labour government would “aim to fix the Tories’ bad Brexit deal” and deliver a closer relationship between the UK and the EU, David Lammy has said.  The shadow foreign secretary said with Sir Keir Starmer in No10 the UK would not “rejoin the EU, the single market or the customs union”.  But Labour would … Read more

The Tories have indulged failing Sadiq Khan for far too long

Now that Rishi Sunak has found the gumption to challenge Nicola Sturgeon over her putative law to allow people to change their gender at whim, he should turn his attention to Sadiq Khan and his expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez). Surely, the Government can find the powers to stop this highly-regressive charge, … Read more