Fleabag Creator To Pen Amazon’s Tomb Raider Adaptation

Image: Crystal Dynamics If you, like me, are having trouble keeping track of all the video game adaptations coming to TV and film, you may have forgotten that a Tomb Raider series is in development over at Amazon. Well, friends, I will not be forgetting about this show any time soon, now that writer/actor/comedian Phoebe … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Is Ending Development, Giving Away Cosmetics

Image: Marvel’s Avengers This may come as a surprise to the players who abandoned the game long ago and assumed this time had come already, but Crystal Dynamics and publishers Square Enix have announced the impending end of online support for Marvel’s Avengers. In a blog post published on Friday evening, a latter signed by … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Will Die With Spider-Man Stuck On PlayStation

Image: Marvel / Crystal Dynamics Late last week, Square Enix announced that its beleaguered 2020 live-service game, Marvel’s Avengers, will no longer receive new content or major updates after March 31. And all official support for the game will end on September 30, 2023, with digital sales ending on that date too. While you’ll still … Read more

Ubisoft may sell game franchises to reduce costs

Ubisoft management has announced a new business plan to offset “major challenges” that the company faces in the current economy. 2 VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES Inflation and recession conditions are affecting the video games industry. Consumers are spending less on games hardware and content, and as a result we’ve seen 2022’s total industry earnings … Read more

Square Enix’s global aspirations hindered by PlayStation exclusivity

Square Enix aspires to release and publish its games simultaneously across the globe, however PlayStation exclusivity deals are holding back the Japanese video games company. 2 VIEW GALLERY – 2 IMAGES Square Enix and Sony have a decades-long relationship that’s as old as the PlayStation platform. The Final Fantasy maker has signed multiple lucrative exclusivity … Read more

The Next, And ‘Biggest’ Tomb Raider To Be Delivered By Amazon

Screenshot: Crystal Dynamics / Kotaku In really stepping things up news, it’s just been announced that Amazon Games is set to publish the next Tomb Raider game. Following Square Enix’s retreat from the Western front, and the sale of both developer Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider license itself, it was unclear what might happen … Read more

Giant Gaming Corporations Spent 2022 Gobbling Each Other Up

The video game industry went on a shopping spree in 2021. Epic Games bought Mediatonic (Fall Guys), Sony bought Housemarque (Returnal), and Embracer bought Gearbox (Borderlands). It seemed like things might slow down in 2022, but instead they ramped up even more into an acquisition free-for-all. What will the future bring? Nobody knows. But the … Read more

Marvel’s Avengers Spokesperson Loses Role Over Offensive Tweets

Image: Crystal Dynamics It’s a tale as old as Twitter itself: Person says stupid, offensive stuff in the past, person comes to prominence, old tweets get dug up, person apologizes, the internet holds court. The whole performance has just taken place once again, this time featuring Crystal Dynamics’ spokesperson and game design lead on Marvel’s … Read more

Crystal Dynamics Heard You ‘Loudly and Clearly’, Legacy of Kain Series Looks Set to Make a Comeback

It looks like the Legacy of Kain series could be set to make a comeback, some 19 years after the last entry was released. Following its purchase of the venerable vampire IP in recent months, developer Crystal Dynamics polled fans on whether or not they would like to see the series return, and what form … Read more