Top 14 Most Toxic Couples In Anime

If you’ve watched Nana, you may be entitled to emotional compensation.Screenshot: Madhouse / Hidive / Kotaku Trigger warning: sexual assault Pound for pound, the absolute worst couple in all of anime goes to Nana’s Hachiko Komatsu and Takumi. While other terrible couplings rank high for how their shows’ more supernatural story elements heighten their rampant … Read more

Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house searched by FBI

FBI agents are searching a beach house belonging to Joe Biden as part of an investigation into the potential mishandling of classified documents, the US President’s lawyer said on Wednesday. Bob Bauer said: “Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DoJ [Department of Justice] is conducting a planned search of his home in … Read more

Every Upcoming Hollywood Anime Live-Action Adaptation

Image: Sunrise / Toei Animation / Netflix / Kotaku Much like the phrase “video game adaptation” shoots fear into the hearts of gamers across the globe, so too do the words “anime live-action adaptation” make the weebs of the world cower in fear. While the former has experienced an uptick in quality with the likes … Read more

Donald Trump kicks off 2024 campaign: ‘I’m more angry now’

The nomination could wind up a two-horse race between Mr Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has edged ahead of the former president in some recent surveys. Mr Trump was due to unveil a leadership team and fresh set of endorsements in South Carolina, but many Republican politicians in the state have blamed scheduling … Read more