‘Sonic Frontiers’ Endures An Unusual Review-Bombing Campaign

Sonic Frontiers Sega Sonic Frontiers, the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game, has been subject to an unusual review-bombing campaign after YouTuber VideoGameDunkey released a video gently mocking the game. Dunkey, who boasts more than 7 million subscribers, is known for his irreverent, tongue-in-cheek reviews, and his video review of Sonic Frontiers pokes fun at the … Read more

Sonic Frontiers Review-Bombed On Metacritic After Dunkey Video

Image: Sega / Kotaku The Metacritic page for the PlayStation 5 version of Sonic Frontiers is currently being review-bombed, seemingly in response to the latest video from popular gaming YouTuber Videogamedunkey. As you’d expect, Sonic stans are coming back just as hard, defending the virtues of the blue hedgehog’s latest 3D adventure. Sonic diehards claim … Read more

Dunkey has reviewed video games on YouTube for a decade. Now he wants to publish them.

If you’re a game developer, there’s a new way for you to get Jason Gastrow‘s “seal of approval.” Gastrow, the reviewer known as Dunkey on YouTube, is launching a business called Bigmode that will publish indie video games. Gastrow’s singular and consistently funny reviews have brought more than 3.5 billion lifetime views to his YouTube channel. His … Read more