One Of The Lowkey Best Nintendo Switch Deals Is Back

Image: Nintendo / Kotaku Nintendo has brought back its voucher program just in time for decent savings on some of the Switch’s biggest games. Missed out on Splatoon 3 or Bayonetta 3 last year? Now you can grab both for over $20 off. For the uninitiated, the voucher program works like this. Existing Switch Online … Read more

Microsoft, Sony And Nintendo All Skipping E3 2023

A staffer working at E3 2019, the last year the show was held with crowdsPhoto: FREDERIC J. BROWN (Getty Images) This was supposed to be the year, after industry setbacks and a global pandemic, that E3—once the brightest centre of the video game universe—came back “recognizably epic” as a live show for the first time … Read more

Ubisoft Employees Asked To Strike Over CEO’s Comments, Pay

Assassin’s Creed: SyndicateScreenshot: Ubisoft Ubisoft hasn’t had the best couple of years. A string of flops and disappointments means the company isn’t in the best shape as it heads into 2023, so in an attempt to get everyone firing last week CEO Yves Guillemot sent an email to staff telling them “The ball is in … Read more

The Atari Gamestation Plus Is a Beautiful Modern Console For the Ugliest Retro Games

Image: MyArcade Unlike previous attempts to resurrect the Atari and its library of classic games that helped launch an industry, the Gamestation Plus—a joint venture between Atari and My Arcade—should come with considerably less drama, although when it will actually arrive remains a mystery. Gamers who can trace their roots back to the late ‘70s … Read more

Ubisoft’s Skull And Bones Delays: The Complete Decade-Long Saga

Image: Ubisoft / Kotaku Skull And Bones started life as a multiplayer-focused expansion for 2013’s excellent Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Then it expanded into a bigger, MMO-like pirate game of its own. A decade later, and following its 2017 reveal and multiple delays, Ubisoft’s online pirate sim is still missing. And just yesterday, Skull … Read more

Forspoken’s demo is great, even if the game itself might not be

ForspokenImage: Square Enix Every Friday, A.V. Club staffers kick off our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans and recent gaming glories, but of course, the real action is down in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What Are You Playing This Weekend? It’s not hard to work … Read more

Ubisoft Cancels Games, Delays Skull And Bones After Rough 2022

Image: Ubisoft Ubisoft held an emergency call with investors on Wednesday to reveal that the company’s 2022 sales had fallen well below expectations and that it would be taking drastic measures going forward, including cancelling three more unannounced games, delaying Skull and Bones a few months yet again, and cutting roughly $215 million in costs … Read more

Atari’s Shambling, Zombie Corpse Is Once Again In Trouble

Image: Atari / Kotaku / Theerasak Tammachuen (Shutterstock) Is it that time already? Atari, whatever that name actually means, is once again announcing it’s having a financial wobble. You could set your watch by how regularly this occurs. Who could have thought that launching a console no one wanted, while investing in crypto grifts, wasn’t … Read more

Atari 50 Might Be The Best Video Game Anthology Ever

Screenshot: Digital Eclipse / Atari Yesterday in a Twitter thread, the gaming historian Frank Cifaldi said this about the work done by his organization, the Video Game History Foundation: “We all know where the ROMs are hiding online. We don’t need games, we need CONTEXT to tell stories.” It helped me realize why I think … Read more

Nintendo Shuts Down Smash World Tour ‘Without Any Warning’

Image: Nintendo The organisers of the Smash World Tour have today announced that they are being shut down after Nintendo, “without any warning”, told them they could “no longer operate”. The Tour, which is run by a third party (since Nintendo has been so traditionally bad at this), had grown over the years to become … Read more