Bethesda Game Will Soon Be Free to Download

Bethesda is making one of its games completely free to download. The game in question is available via a variety of platforms, but only the PC version will be made free, and that’s because the free offer is coming via Epic Games Store. Every week, Epic Games rewards users of its digital PC storefront with … Read more

Epic Games Store Gives Away Final Free Games of January 2023

The final rotation of free games on the Epic Games Store for the month of January 2023 are now available. For the most part, January has been a pretty decent month on the Epic Games Store when it comes to free titles. Games such as Kerbal Space Program, Divine Knockout, and Shadow Tactics: Blade of … Read more

Epic Games Store’s First Big Free Game of 2023 Leaked Early

The first major free game via Epic Games Store free games is almost upon us, according to a new leak. It’s early into 2023, but Epic Games has already provided PC users with some quality free games, but it hasn’t made a big splash yet. This week, on January 19, this is apparently changing. According … Read more

Epic Games Store Ends Holiday Promotion With Two More Free Games

The Epic Games Store has today wrapped up its ongoing holiday promotion by giving away two more free games. For the past two weeks, Epic has been handing out new titles on a daily basis that PC users can snag for no cost whatsoever. And while this program has led to a number of titles … Read more

Epic Games Store Gives Out Underrated First-Person Shooter for Free

A first-person shooter game that has flown under the radar since releasing back in 2021 is now available to download for free on the Epic Games Store. For more than a week at this point, Epic’s PC marketplace has been doling out new, free titles on a daily basis. And while this promotion has already … Read more

New Epic Games Store Free Game Is an Underrated Metroidvania Title

The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is an underrated Metroidvania game that first launched a little over a year ago. Even though Christmas has now come and gone, Epic Games is still in the process of giving out a number of free titles to close out 2022. And while today’s free offer … Read more

Death Stranding Is Now Free for a Limited Time

Death Stranding is now free to claim on PC via the Epic Games Store. Hideo Kojima fans will want to act quickly, however, as the title will only be available through December 26th at 11 a.m., which is when a new free game will be made available. As with all of the Epic Games Store’s … Read more

Epic Games Store Making One of the Biggest Games Yet Free for Christmas

The Epic Games Store’s free game event running right now might be giving users one of the store’s biggest games yet on Christmas Day. This giveaway, if it does turn out as people are hoping and expecting, would make it so that a former PlayStation exclusive and one of the most talked about games from … Read more

Epic Games Store Makes Popular LEGO Game Completely Free

A popular LEGO video game is now completely free to download for the next 24 hours on the Epic Games Store. For the better part of the remainder of 2022, Epic’s PC storefront is giving a new video game away to users on a daily basis. And while this promotion has already included titles like … Read more