Frenchman banned from hunting for life after shooting British man dead

“The message has been sent that if you kill someone, there are absolutely no consequences,” said Peggy, a friend of Keane’s, who did not give her last name. “I know he isn’t necessarily a danger to the public, but for me you have to send a message that killing someone isn’t nothing,” she added. Ahead … Read more

Do not engage with Boxing Day saboteurs, hunt followers told after slashed tyres accusation

In response, South Dorset Hunt said: “We condemn any illegal activity and remind our followers never to engage with anti-hunt activists.” The British Hound Sports Association, which represents the sport’s governing bodies said: “Further to the allegations made by anti-hunt activists we would encourage anyone with information to assist in any enquiry. “We do not … Read more

Hunting Act driven by moral outrage, not animal welfare, says man who wrote law

He previously used a 2020 lecture to the RS Surtees Society to say that the “clearest proof that this was never a measure aimed at improving animal welfare is that nothing in the construction of the legislation tends towards its effective enforceability as a matter of animal welfare”. The exemptions in the Act, which were … Read more