Everybody’s Favourite Exec Shuhei Yoshida Says Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Saved PlayStation

Image: Bloomberg Shuhei Yoshida, head of Independent Developer Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment by day and adorable YouTuber by night, has made an interesting comment regarding two old venerable JRPG franchises and their effect on PlayStation’s trajectory in the 90s. Speaking at the BIG Conference in Bilbao, Spain (thanks GameReactor), Yoshida recalled the growing pains … Read more

Crystal Dynamics Heard You ‘Loudly and Clearly’, Legacy of Kain Series Looks Set to Make a Comeback

It looks like the Legacy of Kain series could be set to make a comeback, some 19 years after the last entry was released. Following its purchase of the venerable vampire IP in recent months, developer Crystal Dynamics polled fans on whether or not they would like to see the series return, and what form … Read more

Yuji Naka Reportedly Arrested During Square Enix Insider Trading Investigation

Image: via Twitter (@nakayuji) Yuji Naka – the co-creator of Sonic and the more recent release Balan Wonderworld – has reportedly been arrested during an ongoing Square Enix insider trading investigation. This follows the arrest of Square Enix employees Taisuke Sazaki and Fumiaki Suzuki, who allegedly acquired stock in Japanese game development company ‘Aiming’ prior … Read more

Cooking Mama IP Holder Sues Planet Entertainment For Sale Of Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Remember the ongoing dispute between Cooking Mama: Cookstar publisher Planet Entertainment and the series’ rights holder Office Create dating back to 2020? Well, in an update, Planet has now been sued by Office Create. There was actually a fallout between the two parties before the game’s release in 2020, but Planet Entertainment still went ahead … Read more

Embracer Group Has 234 Games Planned to Launch by March 2026

Embracer Group is a huge holding company that owns countless publishing brands, studios, and video game IPs. Over the last few years, its rapid expansion has been fascinating to see. To name just a few, it has splashed cash on the likes of Perfect World Entertainment, 4A Games, Flying Wild Hog, and the entirety of … Read more

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Leads Nintendo’s Nominations At The Game Awards 2022

The nominations are out for Geoff Keighley’s yearly glamorous advertising and awards event, The Game Awards, which will be broadcast on Thursday, December 8th. Now, we’re all well aware by this point that Nintendo’s representation on these lists is usually pretty lacking until you get to the indies and the Best Family category, but it … Read more

One of the People Who Designed Fortnite’s Battle Pass Has Just Joined Naughty Dog

Image: Push Square It’s no secret that a notable portion of PlayStation’s first-party catalogue going forward will dip into the world of live service and multiplayer. One of these titles will almost certainly be Naughty Dog’s upcoming multiplayer shooter, thought to be called The Last of Us Factions. We’ve heard next to nothing about the … Read more

Nintendo Highlights The Environmental Benefit Of New Switch Packaging

Image: Nintendo Life A lot of the statistics contained in the recent Nintendo financial report covered how successful the company had been in business terms, but equally important is what it is doing to combat climate change and its negative impact on the environment. Fortunately, the follow-up presentation outlined the steps that the company is … Read more

Nintendo Says It Won’t Raise Switch Prices, But Will Continue To Monitor The Situation

Image: Nintendo Life Sony recently increased the price of the PlayStation 5 in select markets around the world. Since then, fans of certain other platforms have also questioned if it will happen to their own system of choice. Nintendo has already ruled out the idea of possible Switch price increases on a few occasions in … Read more

Nintendo To Merge Its European Subsidiaries Into One Big Organisation

Image: Nintendo As part of its latest financial report, Nintendo has announced that it will be merging its European subsidiary companies, including Nintendo France S.A.R.L, Nintendo Benelux B.V, and Nintendo Ibérica, S.A, into one organisation under the title Nintendo of Europe SE. Currently, these subsidiaries, in addition to the existing Nintendo of Europe located in … Read more