Japanese Charts: All Switch Models Outsold By PS5, Story Of Seasons Remake Is On Top

Image: Marvelous (XSEED) It’s a week of mixed fortunes for the Switch in this week’s Famitsu charts (via Gematsu). The big story is that the PlayStation 5 has outsold all Switch models to be the best-selling hardware of the week of 23rd – 29th January. Sony’s console sold an impressive 53,256 units this week, edging … Read more

Mysterious blue spiral appears in the sky over Hawaii

It may have an eerie, UFO-like appearance, but this mysterious blue spiral in the sky has a far more mundane explanation. The spectacular sight – which baffled skygazers over Hawaii – is actually part of the aftermath of a SpaceX rocket launch. It was caught on camera by the Subaru Telescope, located at the summit of Maunakea, shortly after billionaire entrepreneur … Read more

Weird Blue Spiral Spotted in Hawaii Night Sky, Japan Observatory Explains Mysterious Sighting

A strange blue spiral that swirled quickly was seen in the night sky over Hawaii. The mysterious origins of this sighting are explained by the Japan Observatory. Mysterious Blue Swirl A strange blue “flying spiral” was spotted in Hawaii by a Japanese telescope camera. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s Subaru Telescope shared the bizarre … Read more

PS5 Gaining More Traction in Japan as It Tops Weekly Hardware Chart

Image: Push Square It’s no secret: anything not related to Nintendo’s line of Switch consoles has been struggling to keep up in Japan. However, with Sony beginning to leave behind its manufacturing woes, the PS5 is now finding its footing, offering up some competitive sales numbers in the latest weekly chart. The standard PS5 was … Read more

Best Japan-Exclusive 3DS Games – 13 Titles We Wish Had Come To The West

“But wait! We have Dragon Quest XI at home!” But not this version of Dragon Quest XI. Back when Dragon Quest XI was released in Japan in 2017, there were two very different versions of the game — the PS4 release (which is the one we eventually all got), and the 3DS version. And while … Read more