Extinction Rebellion says it will stop disruptive protests as ‘very little has changed’

It said: “As we ring in the new year, we make a controversial resolution to temporarily shift away from public disruption as a primary tactic. We recognise and celebrate the power of disruption to raise the alarm and believe that constantly evolving tactics is a necessary approach. “What’s needed now most is to disrupt the … Read more

Driver blocked by Just Stop Oil threatened with fine for beeping horn at protesters

Just Stop Oil, which is demanding the Government end all new oil and gas licenses, marched slowly for 90 minutes from Manor House tube station to Holloway Road before staging an hour-long blockade in Camden Town. There were no arrests.  A transport carrier with nine cancer patients inside was stuck in the mass gridlock for … Read more

Just Stop Oil protesters should be arrested ‘within seconds’, says senior police officer

His comments came as protesters from Just Stop Oil caused more misery for drivers stuck in snow chaos on Monday as they blocked a road in south London with another slow march. Police officers told a driver who called on them to stop protesters from blocking the road that “our hands are tied”.  The Government … Read more

Police officers walk alongside Just Stop Oil protesters in the road during rush hour

A furious lorry driver has said “police need to get a backbone” as they walk alongside Just Stop Oil protesters while they evade arrest once again with their “slow march” tactic.  Four van loads of Metropolitan Police officers have been walking beside around 20 activists from the eco group as they turned out in Southwark, south … Read more

Just Stop Oil marchers ‘not obstructing highway’ say police

The decision on whether a protest is deemed unlawful hinges on if it causes “serious disruption”.  This assessment is made by a number of organisations including the Metropolitan Police, the local council, Transport for London and the emergency services. In October, this decision was taken almost as soon as a protester sat down to block … Read more

Just Stop Oil block roads in London as protests resume

J ust Stop Oil supporters stopped traffic on two key routes in London on Monday – marking a resumption of protests after 18 days. At 8am, 13 protesters in hi-vis vests walked onto the road at Shepherds Bush Green in west London and marched slowly along the road, causing traffic delays. Police arrested two people … Read more

Just Stop Oil protesters march in front of traffic

On Sunday night, police warned they were expecting a fresh wave of disruption from the climate activists, which will see them blocking major roundabouts, glueing themselves to the tarmac and marching slowly in front of traffic in central London. The daily disruption is expected to last until at least December 14. A spokesperson for Just … Read more

Met Police plan for two weeks of Just Stop Oil protests in London

T he Met Police has said it is “fully prepared” to prevent Just Stop Oil protesters from causing disruption ahead of Christmas. The environmental activist group has been using civil resistance and direct action as part of its campaign to stop future gas and oil projects from going ahead. The Metropolitan Police said campaigners are … Read more

Just Stop Oil set to unleash campaign of Christmas chaos targeting central London roads

Officials in the Department for Transport are also examining whether “beefed up” injunctions could be sought to limit the disruption. National Highways successfully applied for injunctions during the previous round of protests on the M25 and Government figures believe a similar approach could help blunt the impact of the demonstrations. But a Whitehall source admitted … Read more