12 Extraordinary Games You’ll Want On Your Wishlist Right Away

Screenshot: Stutter Fox Studios It’s Black Friday, the day on which the entirety of planet Earth entirely takes leaves of its senses and spends all its money on stuff it doesn’t need for 5 percent less than it would have cost yesterday. Planet Earth this year has bought itself an entirely new moon, even though … Read more

Overwatch 2 Tank Ramattra’s Abilities May Scare Shield Players

R.I.P. BozoImage: Blizzard / Kotaku Over Thanksgiving Break, Blizzard revealed the abilities of its newest tank hero, Ramattra, and he’s shaping up to be a pain in the ass for Reinhardt and Mercy players. Much like Overwatch 2’s Feet Finder profiteer, Sigma, Ramattra appears to be a high-skill Overwatch character with the potential to singlehandedly … Read more

Yakuza’s Cabaret Boss Minigame Is Making A Triumphant Return

Screenshot: Yakuza Every Yakuza game has some kind of weird side hustle going on where players can sink hours of their time into what’s essentially a management sim. In Like a Dragon is was a confectionary store. In Yakuza 6 it was a baseball team. In one of the series’ two upcoming games, though, it’s … Read more

Loot Boxes Would Be For Adults Only If Australian Bill Passes

Image: Blizzard Following the example set by governments in places like Belgium and the Netherlands, an Australian politician has put forward a bill that would, if passed into law, massively restrict the use of loot boxes in video games aimed at children. Federal politician Andrew Wilkie, an independent, introduced the bill into parliament yesterday. Proposing … Read more

Game Kickstarter Cancelled In The Most Brutal Way Possible

Image: Mystery Flesh Pit National Park Mystery Flesh Pit National Park is a fictional project by Trevor Roberts, who having started on Reddit has for the past few years has been posting stories and artwork to his website, fleshing (sorry) out the tale of a huge creature that is discovered underground in Texas and…turned into … Read more

NFL’s Best Team Plays A Lot Of GTA Online Roleplay Together

Photo: Mitchell Leff (Getty Images) The Philadelphia Eagles currently have the best record in the NFL, with 10 wins and only a single loss. And while you might expect this great record is the result of hard work, lots of practice, talented players, and some luck, you might be surprised to discover that Grand Theft … Read more

Microsoft To Offer Sony 10 Years Of Call Of Duty

Image: Activision Another day, another report or story about Microsoft doing whatever is needed to make sure its purchase of Activision Blizzard is allowed to happen. This time, it’s reported that Microsoft is willing to offer some concessions to regulators to get the deal approved, including a deal to keep Activision games on PlayStation consoles … Read more

Before GTA 6, Let’s Rank Every Grand Theft Auto Game

1. Grand Theft Auto V/ GTA Online (Original Release: 2013, Xbox 360 & PS3) Full stop, GTA V is the best GTA game ever made. GTA V is easily the best-looking and best-playing game in the entire franchise, and a large part of that has to do with Rockstar’s attention to detail. You can knock … Read more

Steam Deck’s Greatness Makes It Hard To Go Back To The Switch

Photo: Kotaku / Valve / Nintendo / Antonio Guillem (Shutterstock) Recently, I’ve been playing Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope on the Nintendo Switch. The original Mario + Rabbids was one of my favorite Switch games. So far this new entry is even better, adding more chaos and depth to the previous game’s already-great tactical … Read more

Call Of Duty DMZ Money Glitch Is Making Players Rich

Gif: Activision / Ripped Robby / Kotaku To say the in-game economy of Call of Duty’s DMZ mode is funny is an understatement. $40 bucks for a roll of tape? A picture of a dog for $10? $100 for soothing hand cream? (watch out, Sephora). A recently discovered glitch, however, is flooding players’ backpacks with … Read more