The 19 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023, per reviews

New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Get your game on, go play! No, we aren’t talking about Smash Mouth, but rather gaming with the beloved handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. The mini version of the Nintendo 64, or the larger version of the Nintendo … Read more

14 Exciting Games To Expect From Nintendo Switch In 2023

Image: Nintendo / Disney / Kotaku The Nintendo Switch certainly feels as though its time is drawing to a close. Six years old this year, it was already a technological generation behind on its release, and there’s no question that it’s increasingly struggling to run the games it’s hosting. Despite all this, and even with … Read more

Finally! Jakks Pacific Has Officially Revealed Its Mario Movie Toys

Image: Nintendo / Illumination After last week’s leaks, we now finally have an official look at the Jakks Pacific line of toys for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While we previously got a close-up peek at a fire-breathing Bowser (leaked, of course) today’s reveal is all about the good guys and we have to admit, … Read more

Take a sneak-peek tour of Super Nintendo World, opening next month – National

In exactly four weeks, Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Hollywood and it’s looks to be any classic gamer’s dream come true. The park will be situated in the same area as the Jurassic Park and Transformers rides, in Universal’s lower lot. However, unlike it surrounding rides, Super Nintendo World will offer an … Read more

Discounts On Lego, Resident Evil, More

Image: WB Games / NetherRealm This week, all at once, a perfect storm of deals, discounts, and sales has hit the Nintendo Switch eShop. Batten down the hatches, open up your wallets, and check out some of these limited-time deals, including massive savings on numerous Lego titles, Mortal Kombat games, and hits from Capcom, Ubisoft, … Read more

Early Donkey Kong Design Document From Miyamoto Showcases ‘Popeye’ Origin

Image: Nintendo If you’ve swotted up on your gaming history, then you’ll perhaps already know that the original Donkey Kong from 1981 (lord almighty…) actually started life as a Popeye the Sailor Man project, featuring the main man himself alongside Olive Oyl and antagonist Bluto. As the tale goes, Nintendo had failed to secure the … Read more

Random: Looks Like Hollywood’s Super Nintendo World Desserts Are A Downgrade On Japan’s

Image: Nintendo Life We are nearing the grand opening of Super Nintendo World Hollywood on 17th February, when the US take on the much-discussed Japanese attraction will open its doors (pipes?) for the first time. In the build up to the big day, we have seen a lot of snaps from those who have been … Read more

Random: “Walupeach” Was Almost A Thing, But Miyamoto Vetoed Before Seeing The Designs

Image: Nintendo Life Waluigi has grown to become one of the most popular characters in the Mario series — one circuit on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online confirms as much — but did you know that there was once a design for another evil “Wa” inversion in the franchise, this time focused on Peach? The … Read more

UK Charts: Switch Maintains Strong Representation In A Pretty Quiet Week

Image: Nintendo Life The latest UK charts are in and it’s pretty unremarkable, all told. FIFA 23 regains its dominance at number one after slipping down to number two last week. The Switch version made up 25% of the split, coming in behind the PlayStation 5 version at 41%. No Nintendo titles enter the top … Read more

Random: YouTuber Speedruns Touching Grass (In Every Mario Game)

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube “Touch grass” has become the rallying cry for angry people on the internet, and it’s most often levelled at gamers. It’s shorthand for “go outside”, or simply “oh my god the thing you’re complaining about is SO TERMINALLY ONLINE that you really should go and do something that isn’t … Read more