Sturgeon’s political crisis deepens as she undermines her own gender laws

However, prominent critics such as MP Joanna Cherry and Ash Regan, a former minister who quit to vote against the plans, have continued to speak out against party policy.  Many more SNP figures are privately dismayed over Ms Sturgeon’s refusal to back down over an issue that opinion polling suggests puts her at odds with … Read more

Tories turn heat on Nicola Sturgeon to drop £1.3bn social care overhaul

Her intervention came ahead of a vote by MSPs on whether Mr Swinney’s Budget for the coming financial year should clear its first parliamentary hurdle. The SNP and Greens, the two coalition parties in Ms Sturgeon’s government, together enjoy a majority at Holyrood that should ensure its passage. The National Care Service would transfer responsibility … Read more

Violent trans criminals are women, says Nicola Sturgeon’s justice secretary

The violent trans criminals at the centre of the Scottish prisons scandal are women, the SNP’s Justice Secretary has said after banning them from female jails. Challenged whether Isla Bryson and Tiffany Scott were trans women or predatory males, Keith Brown said: “If somebody presents as a trans person, then we accept that at face … Read more

UN urges Nicola Sturgeon to use ‘common sense’ when jailing violent sex offenders

Pauline McNeill, Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman said she would be asking for an urgent question at Holyrood demanding that Scott’s transfer be blocked and calling for a “policy review”. Ash Regan, a former SNP minister who resigned in protest at Ms Sturgeon’s gender reforms, said: “We need a new system where no male prisoners are … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon approves another trans prisoner’s move to women’s prison

Female prison officers allegedly refused to strip-search Scott in 2016, with a prison source at the time complaining to the Daily Record that the “full-time menace… makes it his daily business to be as difficult and awkward as possible”. Following the recent transfer approval, a source told the newspaper Scott will probably be admitted to … Read more

Gender law opponents use women’s rights as ‘cloak’ to be transphobic

Nicola Sturgeon has accused some opponents of her gender reforms of using women’s rights as a “cloak” for their transphobia, misogyny, homophobia and racism. Speaking shortly after announcing a transgender rapist would be moved out of a women’s prison, she said some critics of her self-ID plans were “deeply misogynist, often homophobic, possibly some of … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon’s trans law in disarray after rapist climbdown

The UK Government has issued a Section 35 order in an unprecedented move to block the legislation over concern about the impact of the Bill. On Thursday night, a government source said the trans rapist case demonstrated the risks posed by the plans, adding: “Women’s worst nightmares are playing out before Sturgeon’s eyes. Yet she … Read more

Isla Bryson: Transgender woman rapist being moved to male prison in Scotland

A transgender woman convicted of raping two women is being moved to a male prison, hours after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced she would not be held in Scotland’s only all-female jail. The Scottish First Minister addressed the row over where Isla Bryson, 31, from Clydebank, should be imprisoned after being found guilty of two … Read more

SNP refuse to remove transgender rapist from female prison

Some supporters of the legislation denounced the attempts as transphobic “dog whistles”. However, Russell Findlay, the Tory MSP, said the Bryson case had highlighted “fundamental flaws” in the blocked legislation. He added: “It’s entirely inappropriate, unacceptable and wrong for this vile rapist to be housed in a female prison, which is bound to contain women … Read more

Why Scottish landlords are buying up English property at a record rate

Landlords have seen their profits squeezed by a six-month ban on rent increases which came into force under Ms Sturgeon in October last year in a bid to shield tenants from the worst of the cost of living crisis. This was accompanied by an eviction ban which landlords say is making it harder to evict … Read more