The 19 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023, per reviews

New York Post may be compensated and/or receive an affiliate commission if you buy through our links. Get your game on, go play! No, we aren’t talking about Smash Mouth, but rather gaming with the beloved handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. The mini version of the Nintendo 64, or the larger version of the Nintendo … Read more

Best Japan-Exclusive 3DS Games – 13 Titles We Wish Had Come To The West

“But wait! We have Dragon Quest XI at home!” But not this version of Dragon Quest XI. Back when Dragon Quest XI was released in Japan in 2017, there were two very different versions of the game — the PS4 release (which is the one we eventually all got), and the 3DS version. And while … Read more

14 Exciting Games To Expect From Nintendo Switch In 2023

Image: Nintendo / Disney / Kotaku The Nintendo Switch certainly feels as though its time is drawing to a close. Six years old this year, it was already a technological generation behind on its release, and there’s no question that it’s increasingly struggling to run the games it’s hosting. Despite all this, and even with … Read more

Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event First Details Leak

January is nearly at an end, and Pokemon Go already has a handful of events to look forward to in the month of February. It seems that number will be increasing, as first details regarding a Valentine’s Day event have leaked. Interestingly enough, the information comes from the App Store, of all places! In the … Read more

Random: Did You Know That Pokémon’s HM ‘Cut’ Could Be Used On Tall Grass?

Image: The Pokémon Company For the most part, people seem pretty clued up on Pokémon facts. The franchise has grown so large, in fact, that whenever you think that you know a piece of information so obscure that it is bound to astonish those around you, there’s always somebody there to say “well obviously, duh!” … Read more

Nintendo Switch Game Free to Download for One More Day

A Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED game is currently free on Nintendo eShop, but there are two catches. The first is that the deal expires tomorrow, January 25. When exactly tomorrow, we don’t know, but presumably it will be at the end of the day. The other catch is that this … Read more

A New Fire Emblem Datamine Has Possibly Uncovered A Gap In The Main Timeline

Image: Nintendo Fire Emblem Engage arrived on the scene last week, and as usual, dataminers have been sifting through the game’s files to uncover hidden secrets. One, in particular, that seems to have gained some traction focuses on the latest entry’s codename. Based on previous datamines, it’s known how Fire Emblem games follow a certain … Read more

Review: BlueRetro N64 Adapter – This Plug & Play Bluetooth Dongle Is The Perfect Match For Your NSO Pad

Image: Gavin Lane / Nintendo Life When it comes to sprucing up your retro consoles with a mod-con or two, there is no shortage of options. From new shells to upscalers and converters, RGB mods to devices that emulate OG disc drives, old video game systems are being upgraded and refurbished like vintage cars these … Read more

Finally! Jakks Pacific Has Officially Revealed Its Mario Movie Toys

Image: Nintendo / Illumination After last week’s leaks, we now finally have an official look at the Jakks Pacific line of toys for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. While we previously got a close-up peek at a fire-breathing Bowser (leaked, of course) today’s reveal is all about the good guys and we have to admit, … Read more

Random: This Nintendo Direct Feels Incredibly Quaint Just 10 Years On

Image: Nintendo Life It’s an easy business to sit and discuss the failures of the Wii U — lacking purpose, chunky design, confusing name — but what about its successes? It’s a much shorter list, we’ll admit, but one of the things that many of us will agree on is its stellar games library (we … Read more