PSA: The Physical Copy Of Just Dance 2023 Isn’t Quite As ‘Physical’ As Expected

Image: Ubisoft It is with a sad irony that Ubisoft uses the word “Physical” in all of its publicity for Just Dance 2023. A reference to the hit Dua Lipa song (so we are told) which takes one of title’s the top billings, it seems that there is nothing “physical” about the game at all … Read more

OlliOlli World Is Getting A Physical Switch Release, Except It Isn’t

Image: Private Division Earlier this year, OlliOlli World was released on Switch and we loved it (heck, we even gave it 9/10 in our review). Combine this with our love of physical media and you would think that news of an OlliOlli World physical release would be enough to make our heart do a kickflip; … Read more