Yakuza’s Addictive Cabaret Club Will Return in Like a Dragon Gaiden on PS5, PS4

The minigames are a massive part of the appeal in any Yakuza title, and it looks like SEGA will be bringing back a classic for the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. Those of you who follow the series closely will know that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is currently holding … Read more

PlayStation Picks Up Publishing Rights to Fantastical Third-Person Shooter

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube Sony is strengthening its Chinese game publishing efforts, and it’s picked up the rights to publish co-op shooter Convallaria worldwide. Scheduled to release on both PS5 and PS4, this one reminds us a little bit of Lost Planet – albeit without the snow. According to PlayStation’s official description, the … Read more

Iconic PC Strategy Series The Settlers to Make PlayStation Debut Next Year

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube We’re sure many of you will be familiar with The Settlers series, which got its start on the Commodore Amiga all the way back in 1993. A whopping 30 years later, legendary developer Blue Byte – now a subsidiary of French publisher Ubisoft – is reviving the franchise, and … Read more

Sony Poised to End 2022 without Major Press Conference

Image: Push Square Sony is poised to end 2022 without a major press conference. Before we elaborate, it’s important to clarify what we mean here: we’re excluding shorter livestreams like State of Play or major events the platform holder has participated in, like Gamescom Opening Night Live or Summer Games Fest. We’re referring specifically to … Read more

Need for Speed Unbound PS5 File Size Leaves Plenty of Room in the Garage

This year is going out in style with several big releases launching at the beginning of December. Among them is Need for Speed Unbound, the latest effort to revitalise the arcade racer. Featuring a bunch of flashy effects and a new city to burn through, the game certainly looks promising, and it won’t be long … Read more

God of War Ragnarok Gets Its First Game of the Year Award from TIME Magazine

With the end of 2022 approaching, conversation among gaming enthusiasts is turning to the awards season. What will be crowned Game of the Year? At this stage, we’re willing to bet hobbyists are split between FromSoftware’s beloved Elden Ring and Sony’s fantastic sequel, God of War Ragnarok. The latter of these two huge action games … Read more

Ferrari’s Vision GT Is Pure, Unadulterated Filth

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube Phwoar! Ferrari, in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, has revealed its Vision GT concept car – and as you’d expect from the Italian giant, it’s a looker to say the least! The vehicle was unveiled in Monaco as part of this weekend’s Gran Turismo World Finals, where Spain’s Coque Lopez … Read more

Gran Turismo 7 Could Be the Next PS5, PS4 Exclusive Ported to PC

Image: Push Square Sony’s gradually been porting large chunks of its catalogue to PC, and it even acquired Dutch developer Nixxes to expedite its efforts. With rumours of Returnal coming to storefronts like Steam soon, developer Polyphony Digital has hinted that Gran Turismo 7 could also see a release on computers in the near future. … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Has Been Rated for Release in Korea

Image: Push Square As it stands, we know Street Fighter 6 will Hyper Combo Finish our PS5 and PS4 consoles in 2023 – but we don’t know exactly when. Well, a classification on Korea’s ratings board provides hope we may not have to wait too long for the hotly anticipated fighter. Eagle-eyed industry fanatics spotted … Read more

Sifu’s Next Big Update Lets You Create Your Own Martial Arts Movies

Sifu is getting another significant free update in December, developer SloClap has confirmed. The so-called ‘Fall’ patch will add a replay editor to the game, which lets you follow, capture, and edit your gameplay. Basically, you can make your own martial arts movies, utilising things like camera angles and effects to add cinematic flair. 🎬 … Read more