PSA: The Physical Copy Of Just Dance 2023 Isn’t Quite As ‘Physical’ As Expected

Image: Ubisoft It is with a sad irony that Ubisoft uses the word “Physical” in all of its publicity for Just Dance 2023. A reference to the hit Dua Lipa song (so we are told) which takes one of title’s the top billings, it seems that there is nothing “physical” about the game at all … Read more

This Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cheat Code Allows You To Access “Secret” Save Backups

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PSA: SEGA Warns Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe Edition Players To Download The DLC First

Image: Sega Sonic Frontiers is out now for the Nintendo Switch and if you’re an owner of the Digital Deluxe Edition, you might want to check out the recent announcement from Sega regarding the DLC content. In a post on Twitter, Sega has stated that fans will need to “install the DLC before starting a … Read more

PSA: Tread Carefully, Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Leaks Are Out In The Wild

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PSA: There’s A Bug In Splatoon 3 That May Affect Splatfest Results

Image: Nintendo Nintendo has reported that a bug has been found in Splatoon 3, and it might cause votes to not count towards this weekend’s Splatfest results. Sharing the details on Twitter, the Big N says that some players have found that conch shell’s that they’ve picked up before voting for their Splatfest team — … Read more

PSA: Switch Connection Problems? We Wouldn’t Recommend Nintendo’s Network Fix

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