Russian reservists suffer ‘heavy casualties’ digging trenches while under fire

James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, who arrived in Kyiv for an unannounced visit on Friday, said a promised air-defence package, which Britain valued at £50 million ($60 million), would help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s bombardments. “Words are not enough. Words won’t keep the lights on this winter. Words won’t defend against Russian missiles,” Mr … Read more

This is how Vladimir Putin’s dismal rule ends

With every inch of Ukrainian soil that is reclaimed from Russian occupation, fresh evidence emerges of the appalling war crimes the Russians have inflicted on Ukraine’s civilian population. In the earliest days of the conflict back in March, when Russian troops were forced into a humiliating retreat from their attempts to capture Kyiv, grim details … Read more

Russian generals ‘systematically planned and ordered sexual violence’, says war crimes investigator

Reuters couldn’t independently corroborate the accounts. Some of the circumstances – including family members witnessing rape – feature in alleged attacks by Russians documented by a United Nations-mandated investigation body in a report published last month, which said victims ranged in age from four to over 80. In northern Ukraine’s Chernihiv region, a soldier in … Read more

Russian soldiers swam naked across river while fleeing Kherson

Separately, more than 450 inmates escaped from a Kherson prison in the chaos of the withdrawal. On Monday, Ukraine’s Hromadske TV channel visited the city’s pre-trial detention centre only to find the gate wide open and the facility empty. The local jail hosted 457 inmates, 15 of them sentenced to life, according to the case … Read more

Russia evacuates city east of Kherson to bolster defensive lines

Ukraine’s military intelligence has confirmed the Russian defensive regrouping on the left bank of the Dnipro River, saying that the Russian army was now “strengthening fortification equipment”. The withdrawal of an estimated 30,000 Russian soldiers from around Kherson city is the third major retreat by Russian forces since they invaded Ukraine in February and some … Read more

Google and Apple services ‘aiding Russian military against Ukraine’

Google and Apple must switch off services that are underpinning the Russian military in their war on Ukraine, according to a report by an expert group set up by Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. Western firms, including “tech giants” such as Google, Microsoft, Meta and Apple, continue to provide hardware, software, and services that are … Read more

Inside the Ukrainian factory turning pick-up trucks into weapons of war

“This piece of equipment is far more useful when you’re located just a few kilometres from the enemy,” he told the Telegraph. “Bringing larger Grads, Himars or other rocket launchers is dangerous because you can be spotted quite quickly. “With these trucks, you’re in and out quickly with no need to lose the big launchers, … Read more

Allies dig in to give Ukraine winter edge over ill-equipped Russians

Snow and mud make tank tracks more easily visible from above. Great care has to be taken when launching an assault or setting up a defensive position to cover, or at least obfuscate, the route in. Failure to do so can easily invite unwanted exploding visitors. Ukrainians hope that the international community will help provide … Read more

Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin fires rifle during visit to challenge Russian reservist narrative

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday inspected a training ground for mobilised troops, the latest in the Kremlin’s attempts to dispel numerous accounts claiming reservists are being sent to the frontline of the Ukraine war without adequate equipment and training.  Putin also fired rounds from an SVD sniper rifle in footage apparently intended to show … Read more

The tide of this war has shifted, and the Russians are far less brave

The same parsimony goes for reconnaissance drones, which at the beginning of the war were a constant presence in the skies. These days the Russians are sending over one or two a day – another sign they are running short, he guesses. They have not vanished, however. About a week ago, the gunners first heard … Read more