Hogwarts Legacy Co-Developer Studio Gobo Joins Guerrilla Games on Horizon Series

Image: Push Square Studio Gobo, a UK-based team with co-development credits on Hogwarts Legacy, Redfall, and many others, is partnering with Guerrilla Games to work on future Horizon titles. The company shared this news on social media, where it’s also advertising its various open positions: 📢 We’re thrilled to share that Studio Gobo is now … Read more

Naughty Dog May Move On from The Last of Us Like It Did with Uncharted

In the last year or two, there has been a lot of speculation and rumours surrounding a supposed The Last of Us: Part III. Naughty Dog is currently working on its big, standalone, multiplayer game set within the same universe, but a full-on third entry to the main story is apparently not set in stone … Read more

Why Horizon Call of the Mountain Is a PSVR2 Showpiece

Cast your mind back to October 2016 when everyone was showing off that shark tank encounter in PlayStation VR Worlds to try and justify why they’ve suddenly started strapping a piece of plastic to their face. While there wasn’t really much to it, the demo did a fantastic job of showcasing the sort of experience … Read more

Microsoft Summons Sony to FTC’s Activision Blizzard Court Hearing

Image: Reuters Here we go, then. It’s been roughly a year since Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard for a huge $69 billion. In terms of major industry news, it doesn’t get much bigger than that, and the result is a story that’s lasted a full 12 months. The saga isn’t likely to … Read more

PS5 DualSense Modular Controller Review: Luxe Game Changer

Photo: Eric Schulkin I’ve spent about a dozen hours playing games with the new DualSense Edge. At first, all the modular PlayStation 5 controller’s new bells and whistles feel extremely superfluous to me. I‘ve been playing video games on standard controllers all my life without issue, and even the settings the controller has doesn’t feel … Read more

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Is Astonishing and a Massive Game

Yuri Lowenthal, the voice actor behind Insomniac Games’ Peter Parker, is not exactly going to say Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is crap, is he? Speaking with ComicBook.com, however, he did give us some insight into the upcoming PS5 exclusive project. He told the website that the game is “astonishing”, and admitted that he’s still got a … Read more

Mobile gaming proves to be a gold mine as it racked in more money in 2021 than PC and console gaming combined

According to a report published by the gaming industry analyst Newzoo, mobile gaming is proving to be a gold mine for video game developers as the segment brought in US$93 billion (€81.26 billion) in 2021, a significant increase over revenue from video game consoles and PCs. Game consoles and PCs were responsible for US$50.4 billion … Read more

HBO’s Show Triggers a Meteoric Rise in The Last of Us Sales

Many are sceptical of Sony’s decision to take PlayStation’s biggest properties outside of its own ecosystem, but it turns out the suits with big salaries know exactly what they’re doing. HBO’s critically acclaimed adaptation of The Last of Us is, perhaps unsurprisingly, driving enormous interest around Naughty Dog’s survival horror series – and sales of … Read more