Sturgeon’s political crisis deepens as she undermines her own gender laws

However, prominent critics such as MP Joanna Cherry and Ash Regan, a former minister who quit to vote against the plans, have continued to speak out against party policy.  Many more SNP figures are privately dismayed over Ms Sturgeon’s refusal to back down over an issue that opinion polling suggests puts her at odds with … Read more

Three stocks to sell as interest rates rise

The Bank of England has raised interest rates by 0.5 percentage points to 4pc, the highest level since the financial crisis.  Last year rate increases across the globe triggered a stock market sell-off, as the rising cost of borrowing took the steam out of a decade’s worth of debt-fuelled growth.  But some stocks are more … Read more

King Charles will not replace Queen on Australian banknotes

King Charles III will not feature on Australia’s new $5 banknote, which will instead have an Indigenous design, the country’s central bank said on Thursday. The mauve-coloured $5 bill was Australia’s only remaining bank note to still feature an image of the monarch. Australia’s Reserve Bank said the move would honour “the culture and history … Read more

Avian flu has jumped to small mammals – why experts fear humans could be next

According to Matthew Baylis, the Oxendale chair of veterinary epidemiology at the University of Liverpool, the combined circumstances of a widespread bird flu outbreak and non-biosecure mink farms present a clear danger. “We worry about influenza viruses that are a mix and affect different hosts, as we saw with H5N1 and swine flu [in 2009]. … Read more

Bird flu spreads to foxes and otters

“We’ve recently detected events both here in and around the world – evidence that this virus can on certain occasions jump into other species,” he said. “To be clear, though, this is still a bird virus essentially, that wants to be in birds.” There have been 279 cases of (HPAI) H5N1 in England since the … Read more

Tories turn heat on Nicola Sturgeon to drop £1.3bn social care overhaul

Her intervention came ahead of a vote by MSPs on whether Mr Swinney’s Budget for the coming financial year should clear its first parliamentary hurdle. The SNP and Greens, the two coalition parties in Ms Sturgeon’s government, together enjoy a majority at Holyrood that should ensure its passage. The National Care Service would transfer responsibility … Read more

Grandparents do not have the right to see grandchildren, Italy rules

Children should not have to spend time with their grandparents if they don’t want to, Italy’s highest court has ruled. In Italy, the bonds between children and their “nonni” are considered practically sacred, with grandparents often picking kids up from school and looking after them until their parents return from work. Grandparents dote on their … Read more

Mansion of ‘warlord oligarch’ who ‘helped Zelensky get elected’ raided by security agency

The Ukrainian-born businessman with Jewish heritage famously helped to bankroll Azov, a volunteer battalion, known for having far-Right leanings in its infancy, which over the years got rid of some of its most notorious elements and evolved into an ordinary military unit. The oligarch’s fortunes began to sour in 2021 when the US sanctioned him … Read more

EU judges to keep power over Northern Ireland under new Brexit deal, Brussels insists

The commission told the ambassadors it was keeping the details of the negotiations close to its chest to prevent leaks. It was confident the source of this leak was in London rather than European capitals. “Is this Westminster testing the waters towards Belfast and the DUP or trying to leverage negotiations with Brussels?” the diplomat, … Read more