Tetris Effect: Connected Receives Another Update On Switch, Here’s What’s Included

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube The Switch version of Tetris Effect: Connected received another update earlier this month. This latest patch bumps the game up to Version 1.3.3. The official support page has now shared the full details – revealing a number of changes for all platforms. It’s also aware of certain exploits tied … Read more

Frustrated Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Reportedly Getting Refunds

Image: Nintendo Life, The Pokémon Company The ninth-generation games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been out for a week now. They take the series in a bold new direction with open-world design but also suffer from serious performance issues and glitches. It seems for some trainers, all of this (including Game Freak’s silence) has become … Read more

PSA: The Physical Copy Of Just Dance 2023 Isn’t Quite As ‘Physical’ As Expected

Image: Ubisoft It is with a sad irony that Ubisoft uses the word “Physical” in all of its publicity for Just Dance 2023. A reference to the hit Dua Lipa song (so we are told) which takes one of title’s the top billings, it seems that there is nothing “physical” about the game at all … Read more

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Is The “Biggest” Launch Ever For A Video Game In Japan

Image: The Pokémon Company The good news for the ninth generation of Pokémon games just keeps coming. Following the update Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have surpassed 10 million sales globally in just three days, new data about the Japanese launch has been shared. According to Game Data Library, Scarlet and Violet have experienced the “biggest … Read more

Surprise! Hamster Is Bringing The Hardest Tetris Series To Switch eShop Next Week

Image: via Famitsu / Arika, Hamster Corp If you think you’ve played all the Tetris games, think again! The Japan-only 1998 title Tetris: The Grand Master will be receiving a Switch eShop release next week on December 1st. Hamster Corp will be adding this Arika title to its well-known Arcade Archive series, so there’s a … Read more

Mugen Souls Gets Uncensored 2023 Nintendo Switch Release

Image: Eastasiasoft / Idea Factory Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Eastasiasoft and Idea Factory have confirmed that they will be re-releasing the anime-style JRPG Mugen Souls on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023, with physical editions available for pre-order soon. The game was originally released for PS3 back in 2012, but drew criticism from … Read more

Paper Cut Mansion Folds Mystery Into Paper Mario Aesthetics On Switch Next Month

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Thunderful has announced that it will be bringing Space Lizard Studios’ creepy cardboard roguelite, Paper Cut Mansion, to the Switch on 5th December, 2022. There are many of us out there who find the aesthetic design of Paper Mario somewhat off-putting – just look at those ever-staring those cold … Read more

Advance Wars Style Kickstarter Project Warside Targeting 2023 Switch Release

Image: Lavabird Nintendo’s Switch release Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp is seemingly stuck in limbo, but there’s no need to worry because Warside has got all your turn-based tactical strategy cravings covered. Yes – an indie developer known as Lavabird has announced it’ll be releasing its own take on the classic series, for … Read more

Dune Meets Fallout In ‘Starsand’, A Punishing Desert Survival Game Out Today

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube Blue eyes, sand, and big bitey worms. If you’re a fan of beloved, janky ’80s movies or beloved, confusing ’60s sci-fi epics, then you’ll recognise these as the elements of Frank Herbert’s Dune. But oh, what’s this? This isn’t Dune — this is Starsand, a Switch game that looks … Read more

Cooking Mama IP Holder Sues Planet Entertainment For Sale Of Cooking Mama: Cookstar

Remember the ongoing dispute between Cooking Mama: Cookstar publisher Planet Entertainment and the series’ rights holder Office Create dating back to 2020? Well, in an update, Planet has now been sued by Office Create. There was actually a fallout between the two parties before the game’s release in 2020, but Planet Entertainment still went ahead … Read more