France could meet Ukraine’s demand for fighter jets

The French government could be prepared to offer some of its older generation planes – likely Dassault Mirages – but Paris is aware of the difficulties in training both Ukrainian pilots and the 10 support staff needed for a jet. The final condition is that president Emmanuel Macron does not judge the deliveries of the … Read more

Russia: NATO war involvement ‘growing’ with arms to Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war News

Russia says the delivery of NATO battle tanks to Ukraine is evidence of “direct and growing” US and European involvement in the war, with one analyst suggesting supplying nations could become potential targets. The comments come after the United States and Germany on Wednesday said they would arm Ukraine with dozens of heavy tanks in … Read more

Novak Djokovic’s father Srdjan facing calls for Australian Open ban

On Wednesday night, Tennis Australia put out a statement that said: “Four people in the crowd leaving the stadium revealed inappropriate flags and symbols and threatened security guards. “Victoria Police intervened and are continuing to question them. The comfort and safety of everyone is our priority and we work closely with security and authorities.” There … Read more

Nato’s support for Kyiv is shakier than it seems

To judge by Moscow’s hysterical reaction to the West’s decision to supply Ukraine with battle tanks, the move could ultimately prove to be a game changer for the eventual outcome of the conflict. One of the less convincing aspects of Russia’s campaign has been the constant stream of threats emanating from the Kremlin, whether it … Read more

‘Massive arms factory’ must be built in Poland to help Ukraine win war

The move would significantly ease pressure on Western arms companies struggling to keep up with the demand of the war in Ukraine and the need to replenish stocks among Nato’s militaries. It comes as the Pentagon said it wanted to increase the production of artillery shells to levels not seen since the Korean War in … Read more

Ukraine eyes fighter jets after tanks: ‘This is what we want’ | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukraine says it will now push for Western fourth-generation fighter jets such as the American F-16 after securing dozens of high-end battle tanks from NATO allies. Ukraine won a huge boost for its troops as the United States and Germany announced plans to provide heavy tanks for Kyiv on Wednesday. “The next big hurdle will … Read more

Ukraine expecting long-range missiles next after West finally sends its tanks

Ukrainian forces are currently equipped with Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, a missile with a maximum range of around 50 miles when fired from a US Himars rocket launcher. Mr Podolyak said the longer range missiles would be “part of the negotiation process” in the next arms packages for Ukraine. He said: “Only these missiles … Read more

Emmanuel Macron under pressure to send Leclerc tanks to Ukraine after German decision

However, on Sunday, Mr Macron said: “I have asked the defence ministry to work on it. Nothing is excluded.” The president said three conditions had to be met first – the move must not “lead to escalation”, the tanks must “provide real and effective support” to Ukraine, taking into account the long training period required … Read more

Kyiv Says Forces Outnumbered, Battling ‘Intensifying’ Russian Attacks Near Bakhmut

The United States and Germany have announced plans to send dozens of advanced battle tanks to Ukraine following intense debate and pressure from NATO allies to respond positively to Kyiv’s calls for as many as 300 tanks to help it repel Russia’s 11-month-old full-scale invasion. Live Briefing: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine RFE/RL’s Live Briefing gives … Read more

Russia scorns Germany for sending Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war News

Germany’s move to deliver Leopard 2s to Kyiv will lead to ‘permanent escalation’, says Russian embassy in Berlin. Moscow has slammed Berlin’s move to supply Ukraine with battle tanks and accused Germany of abandoning its “historical responsibility to Russia” arising from Nazi crimes in World War II. The Russian embassy in Germany said on Wednesday … Read more