Russia abandons battalion tactical groups as conflict reveals weaknesses

A communications line between the militaries of the United States and Russia at the start of the war has been used only once so far. An official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the US initiated a call through the “deconfliction” line to communicate its concerns about Russian military operations near critical infrastructure … Read more

‘Gaslighting’ revealed as the word of the year

“Gaslighting”, the practice of manipulating a person to second guess themself, has been named American English dictionary Merriam-Webster’s word of the year. Searches for the word on increased 1,740 per cent in 2022. However, unlike previous words of the year, there wasn’t a single event that drove spikes in curiosity. “It’s a word that … Read more

US could send Ukraine new bombs with twice the range of Himars

With Western military inventories depleted due to the war in Ukraine, Boeing’s proposal is one of roughly half a dozen plans for getting new munitions into production for Ukraine and Washington’s other European allies. Doug Bush, the US Army’s chief weapons buyer, said last week that the Army was also looking at accelerating production of … Read more

US considers sending 150km strike weapon to Ukraine

The Pentagon is considering a Boeing proposal to supply Ukraine with cheap, small precision bombs fitted onto abundantly available rockets, allowing Kyiv to strike far behind Russian lines as the West struggles to meet demand for more arms. US and allied military inventories are shrinking, and Ukraine faces an increasing need for more sophisticated weapons … Read more

Filthy troops fight in freezing mud – the WWI-like horror of Bakhmut’s trenches

The fighting has also been characterised by Russia’s disregard for its own troops, said Serhii Cherevatyl, a spokesman for the Ukraine military’s eastern front. Russian commanders even referred to their soldiers as “single use”, as they threw them into hopeless attacks on what he called a “conveyor belt of death”. “They are sending them like … Read more

Civilians flee Kherson as liberated city comes under Russian fire

Civilians have been streaming out of the southern Ukrainian city whose recapture they had celebrated just weeks earlier but which has come under days of Russian artillery attack. The exodus from Kherson came as Ukraine solemnly remembered a Stalin-era famine and sought to ensure that Russia’s war in Ukraine doesn’t deprive others worldwide of its … Read more

Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin say they are not welcome in Latvia

With its snow-filled streets, overcast northern skies and bakeries selling small pies stuffed with cabbage, Riga should be a home from home for Russians fleeing Vladimir Putin. But, instead, liberal-minded, tech-savvy and multilingual exiles are preparing to go elsewhere because of what they say is the Latvian government’s tough anti-Russian attitude. “They are delaying our … Read more

Kanye West asks Trump to be his running mate in 2024 presidential bid

“It was the fact that I walked in with intelligence. So Trump is really impressed with Nick Fuentes,” West said in the video titled “Mar-a-Lago debrief”. Mr Fuentes, 24, is a controversial figure well-known for attending the 2017 white supremacist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally turned violent when an avowed neo-Nazi … Read more

Olaf Scholz accused of ‘breaking promises’ as German army barely receives any new funding

Ms Lambrecht (SPD) defended her record in the Bundestag, saying: “You can’t just order military equipment off the shelf like in a hardware store.”  She claimed this week that she was “finally acting… after years in which past governments ignored the armed forces,” a reference to the fact that the CDU ran the defence ministry … Read more