The Daily Grind: How would you fix the most unloved class in your favorite MMO?

I blew up the night to play on the Lord of the Rings Online server the other night, as someone advertised a Burglar for a dungeon run or other, and another guy shot back the old classic, I never said anyone. That topic was born in my head, because I don’t know anything about Burglars, too. I think we are kind of a Burglar (especially when it comes to Hobbit) and the burgling appeal is wonderful. And my husband liked it at the old coat, and the original toon of my husband was Burglar. Even if they don’t offer the same amount of class as the rest of the game, they have a lot of time for creativity and to become competitive.

But I think LOTRO is the only game that refuses to play dark and hard to play (or over-suppress their power for balance reasons). The City of Heroes, for example, has a Stalker class that has been subject to pity for two decades. It’s one of those that do best in class, and does that well! But the game hasn’t tried to pervert it, so you have to prepare yourself mentally to the disappointment.

What’s the most unloved class you’ve been wearing my favorite MMO, and how would you like to fix this?

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