‘Tower Of Fantasy’ Slammed With Long Queue Times, Server Issues On Launch Day

Today is launch day for Tower of Fantasy, the new MMORPG that aims to channel the gacha success of Genshin Impact into a new world and genre. Tower of Fantasy is a lot more multiplayer-focused than Genshin, and made by fellow Chinese developer Perfect World. But to echo Genshin’s success will take a lot more than a similar looking world and characters.

Tower of Fantasy has been slammed with some pretty common MMO launch issues since servers went online late last night. Players are running into 24 hour queue times, or getting through queues only to have their game crash and reset. Others are getting in, but then getting booted out of servers. Some are being told to change servers to reduce queue times, but that is not terribly helpful if you have already made a character/progress on one specific server.

While these are not uncommon MMO launch problems, I have larger concerns about the technical bonafides of Tower of Fantasy, and the developers are exactly putting my fears at ease. They issued this statement alongside the launch of the game that talks about the game’s bugs and “shortcomings”:

“We would like to say that we are well aware that Tower of Fantasy still has many shortcomings. We will work hard to improve them, but some bugs and issues may be unavoidable after the official launch. We have anticipated the possibility of certain problems arising, formulated the according debugging time limits and specifications, and urged our staff in the corresponding departments to implement them.”

Again, while this is somewhat standard, a game launching with bugs (surprise!) my own experience with Tower of Fantasy has been somewhat concerning. I had an early preview build ahead of launch here, and when I ran into a progression blocker on the main questline, I was told the fix would be:

  • I would have to download an entirely new (20+ GB) build of the game.
  • This would wipe all of my progress.
  • To keep my progress, I would have to fill out an online form.
  • Then, a developer would have to manually log into my account to boost my character back to where they were before the wipe.

That is uh, kind of weird, and suffice to say I did not actually bother doing that, opting to wait until official launch instead (my progress would have been wiped at the end of the test anyway). But now that official launch is here, I may just wait a little more until both these server issues are fixed, and maybe until the first few big patches for the game, as it seems like it’s coming in fairly…hot, shall we say.

While I do like elements of Tower of Fantasy that I experienced, the combat, the character creator, I feel like it’s not quite as polished as it should be for a wide launch. We’ll see what might be fixed in the early days here, and what everyone else makes of it.

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