Trove’s Reeling In The Stars Update Revamps Fishing And Adds New Progression System

Trove has revamped its fishing system and added a new progression system with the release of its aptly named Reeling in the Stars update.

For the fishing system, it’s been overhauled to be more immersive with new lures, new rewards, and new bonuses for virtual fishing enthusiasts. While it’s still possible to go fishing without using a lure, players will need to use one if they want to catch something worthwhile. “Trovians can fish without an active lure, of course, but all you’ll reel in are old boots,” Gamigo says.

The update also introduces a new Star Chart progression system (hence the update title) that empowers your cuboid characters with the power of the stars and grants them various passive buffs and bonuses. “There are 3 primary constellations which each have a special focus: Constellation of Gathering, Constellation of Cubesly, and Constellation of Combat,” the developers explain. “Each of the primary constellations may give bonuses associated with the other constellations but will primarily focus on their specific area.”

Details can be found in the Reeling in the Stars release notes here. You can also check out the update launch trailer below for a quick look at the sparkly new things it brings to the voxel sandbox MMORPG.

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