Turns out an ungodly amount of hidden rabbits was my perfect wind-down game this week

I don’t know why, but I’m always so damn stressed. These past seven days in particular have left me feeling pretty run down—playing and writing my Forspoken review (opens in new tab) while sick as a dog certainly didn’t help. It’s times like these when I’m itching for the ultimate game to wind down with, and I’ve found just what I needed from the adorable hidden object game, I commissioned some bunnies.

I’m a sucker for a hidden object game anyway, a byproduct of too many hours peering through Where’s Wally-style books in my local bookstore and all of those detective games on the Nintendo DS that had you relentlessly stabbing your stylus into the touchscreen. I commissioned some bunnies isn’t the first game in Follow The Fun’s hidden object series. There’s also I commissioned some cats and a number of games in the I commissioned some bees (opens in new tab) series.

The first level in I commissioned some bunnies, where rabbits are hidden in a drawing of a messy bedroom.

(Image credit: Follow The Fun)

Each drawing is lovely, with the developer saying on its Steam page that it handed different artists the brief to “create a fantasy world, and hide as many bunnies and carrots as they can inside it.” There are over 1,440 bunnies and carrots to find across its 15 levels. You’ve got rabbits in space, rabbits playing football with monsters, and tie-wearing rabbits causing mischief in the office. It’s incredibly endearing, and bundled with a relaxing soundtrack has managed to placate my week’s worth of stress and writing woes.

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