Whatever happened to Kickstarted MMO Destinys Sword? First, its not an MMO anymore

Sometimes when we’re back to a game, we haven’t covered in a long time, was met with a big surprise. As for the 2Dogs Games title in development, a reader will remember this tactical sci-fi that was important for the study of the mental health of the characters. The game was released in 2019 with a Kickstarter raising around $23,000 US, we have had a hands-on preview, and as of 2020 the devs had put out a demo.

That brings us to September and the aforementioned surprise: When between 2020 and now, Destinys Sword transformed into a visual novel without ever outlined the switch. Both the games official site and the developer site call it an MMORPG, and the information on the Twitter account and Facebook page still have references to its original MMO leanings in 2021. The last game was released in February, and the Discord has only a few posts during the last year, only to find a publisher and other sources of income after COVID.

Instead, its the games Steam page that tipped us off. The infostream leaps from 2020 to 2123 demos of the first game, while the Steam storefront has quietly changed its description from original to fictional. The game is clearly named as a publisher as The Outer Stage. The publisher also called it a visual novel and classified it into a purely single-player game.

The first hint of a single-player switch went out of the blue ten days ago with the demo release, as well as a claim that the full game will be releasing soon in 2022. There are no explanations for the abrupt pivot, nor a remark for backers.

At the time of this writing, there are no video clippings of such a livestream at the same time. The players’ studio and the new publisher are not aware of the fact that the events have no mention or links to those events or the contents of the games social media channels or discord.

If, of course, we would’ve managed to take this one off our coverage radar, even if, for not, Kickstarted very explicitly and for tens of thousands of concurrent players, all interacting in a persistent world and the funds raised will actually be a fully automated, unique and social online game promise during crowdfunding.

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